Monday, 30 December 2013

Pictures Of 2013!

Hello, last year I did this post, and it was so fun looking back! So I thought I would do it again :)


 This year my life had many ups and downs to say! I had a pretty rough start, ended up in hospital and having to take nearly two months off work. I got bored out of my mind! Then once back at work, I went out, brought a car, practically moved in with my boyfriend, saw Mcfly Again(!) threw my boyfriend and niece a joint birthday party :) I watched my Mum & Dad renew there vows and GOT A NEW JOB! We got our beautful cat Daisy and I grew closer to my Boyfriend's niece :)
Here's a few snaps from my year. 

Happy New Year

Lots Of Love, 

Emily xox


Sunday, 29 December 2013


I was sitting at my desk on evening when I came across this post from Bex's blog. I couldn't help but relate.

Over this past year me and Bex have grown close as friends (Or I'd like to think so), and I put that down to her being so down to earth, and on exactly the same page as me on many things. Depsite actually meeting properly through blogging, I actually knew Bex from a VERY long time ago through mutual friends, friends that I'm now sad to say, I'm not that close to anymore. Which has prompted me to write this post.

This year has made it more clear than EVER who my true friends are. At the start of the year, I became extremely poorly, which ended up with me having to have emergency surgery. Those who know me, will know that I'd been struggling for while with my health, and put it this way, I knew those who I could rely on and those who I couldn't. Not to be dramatic but it was possible I could have lost my life if my boyfriend hadn't of pushed me to go to the doctors, and while most text me, called me,asked about me, visted me ect, one friend could just not be bothered. She didn't call, text or visit the time I was in hospital or when I came out. I didn't care as I had other things on my mind, but reflecting now, I see this is not how a true friend would act! My best friends since primary school, are true friends. They text me everyday. They called, asked if I needed anything and when I was well enough came and took me to dinner, to get me out of the flat. THAT is a true friend. 

Friends who contastly let you down, can't be happy for you and have to make everything about them and what they want to do. I know we're all guilty of that now and again, but I'm talking all the time. Friends who can't be happy that you've moved in with your boyfriend and makes digs about how it'll never last. Makes digs about how you want to get married, have kids ect. Am I the only one who thinks this is just part of growing up? 

Much like Bex, me and Andy are saving up for a few things, like a house deposit, a wedding ect, so we don't go out and piss our money up the wall. I LIKE my quiet nights in, our cosy dinners, our bargain hunting. I just want friends around me who I can rely on, help out and be happy, like I am for them. I will always be willing to help out a friend, I wouldn't just drop them like a flame because someone better came along.

I've hardly been a great friend, I admit that for sure, but that's because sometimes life does get in the way, but I know that true friends will help one and other out, won't judge them and would certainly respect each other. 

Unfortunately, I've found out, this isn't always true

Sorry for the outburst, I had a lot to get out and now I feel much better! :)

Lots Of Love,

Emily xox


What I Got For Christmas - 2013

Hello! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and you ate, drank and was very merry! 

First of all I would like to point out, this is NOT a post that I am 'bragging' or 'showing off' and like others have said, I myself enjoy reading these posts and would like to do one myself. I am so thankful for everything I received :) Somethings I have decided not to show and somethings I have left at other places so therefore I could not photograph. 

I apologise for the quality, I'm currently using my Iphone for pictures, but here is basically what I got, a few from my parents like the the make-up set and Soap & Glory set, the rest are from my boyfriend! The galaxy tab is actually a bit of a cheat present as it's a presents for my boyfriend, but it's a bit of a joint one, like the Lee Evans tickets. The cook book I cannot wait to use, I've been hinting for ages, so super glad I've recieved this. Enough chocolate to last me a life time. 

From other friends and family, I got things like a Smashbox Starter set (which I love!), a beautiful bracelet from my mother in law and some other stocking fillers. 
  1. Tickets to see Lee Evans in September!
  2. London Eye Tickets
  3. Cruise along the Themes 
  4. Two night stay in a romantic hotel.

    Some amazing presents there alone! I cannot wait for September!!!!

    I hope you all had a lovely day, I know I did, and seeing the joy on my families faces when they opened there presents was lovely! 
    Have a happy new year
    Emily xox

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Hello & MERRY CHRISTMAS! I've decided that to celebrate for my comeback, christmas & Rosella's 2nd Birthday, I would run my 1st giveaway!!!!

The prize? A beautiful Bayliss & Harding gift set :)

All you have to do is enter using the raffle copter below, the contest is running from Christmas day up until New Years Day :)

Enjoy, I'll announce the winner on New Years Day! Good Luck!

Lot's of Love,

Emily xox

Saturday, 21 December 2013



Back in October, I made the tough decision to take a break from blogging, I missed it very much but due to various things going on, I never really came back. Well, that's about to change! 

As I promised, I'm making my way back into the blogging community, and just in time for Rosella's 2nd birthday in a few weeks! I'm thrilled to be back, and I have to say, being away has revived my passion for my blog and has given me some new and fresh Ideas about where I want to go from here. 

I have to also give you followers a massive thank you! Despite me being away, I've gained a few more readers, and that's really put a smile on my face, and thank you to the older ones who have stuck by me :) The messages I received when I wrote about my decision was overwhelming, you were all so supportive and gave me the enthusiasm to start again :).

So I don't want to ramble on, but once again, thank you all for the massive support you've given me over the past few months and the also the last 2 years, here's to 2 more! 

Lots Of Love, 

Emily xox

Friday, 4 October 2013

Taking A Break...

When I started blogging, it was fun, it was interesting and it became one of the best things I'd ever done. I share such a big part of my life in my little blog which has grown in time. So much so I forgot about how much is too much. After a recent event that has happened in my life I never realized before how much someone could know just by having your name, and scarily can find out alot about you from just that. 

Unfortunatley, It has scared me. Upset me. Freaked me out. You name it, I feel it. I don't want to give up blogging by any stretch of the imagination, but I do feel like I need to take some time out and focus on my life for a while. It was a very hard decision to make because I do have some very dedicated followers, and I do adore you very much! 

I've decided to take a break, and I know alot of people are saying 'you don't upload much anyway!' but I really do feel like my pleasure of blogging is gone thanks to one person. I might be gone a week, maybe a month, I'm really not sure :(

I just wanted to say thank you to every single follower and person who commented  You all mean the world to me and put a smile on my face everyday. 

When I DO come back, I can promise you, It'll be with a bang.

I'll still be around on twitter ect, so do feel free to chat!

Lots Of Love, Emily.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - No official proposal?

For a while now, me and Andy have been talking about getting married. When i was 17 he brought me a stunning friendship/promise ring which I have worn on my engagement finger ever since. Some people find it odd, but to us, it's perfectly normal! With a lot of wedding talk going on lately and us even talking about a date, it got me thinking about an 'official proposal' and if in fact he needed to at all? 

I already have a ring which I love, so why do I need another? He's already told me he wants to marry me, and if I'm honest he's not really an overly romantic guy anyway (but neither am I!). He's quite happy to discuss getting married, what he wants ect so should I still be waiting for him to actually get on one knee just to be 'proper?' 

To us, it just feels silly as we both know that this is a natural course for us to take, we've recently just officially moved in together so to us it makes sense this is the next step! 

What do you guys think? Would you 'need' a proper proposal or would you prefer for it to be a natural thing?

Much love, Emily xxx 

Friday, 13 September 2013

MUA Eyeshadow - Review

Despite me purchasing this a fair few months ago, I've never gotten round to reviewing it, but now with Christmas on the neigh, I thought now would be a good time. I have a feeling I'll be using this alot around christmas, as I love the sparkle! This colour is known as Shade 3 - Pearl. 

As you can see it's very pigmented and I have to say I love how long it lasts! I can apply this before a night out and even when I'm coming home early morning, it still looks perfectly intact. Now those who have ever been to a club will know this is an amazing thing. Can I also mention that this beautiful eyeshadow shade cost me no more than £1! Bargain. Like all MUA products, I feel like the packaging could be a little more jazz, but at the end of the day, it's £1 and it's a pretty good product inside. 

I have since gone on to purchase many more MUA shadows and most of there palettes aswell (Which I'll review at a later date). They have a cast range of colours to suit nearly every need/event that is going. 

Do you like these shadows? Are you prefer the higher end? 

Emily xox

Wedding Wednesday - Don't Tell The Bride.

First off, I know it's Wedding Wednesday, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to write it up, so here it is! Sorry it's late!

I was sitting down to dinner with my boyfriend and family, when my mum just happens to mention that Don't Tell The Bride are looking for contestants. 

I looked across to Andy and his face was a picture! It did get me thinking about a few things though. How would I feel if I was to hand over ALL the planning to Andy? And how would he cope? Would he get it right? How would he spend the money? So many thoughts about what he would do! 

Let's be honest, I enjoy watching the programme and if I'm honest I just think most of the men are just using it as a joke, but then on the other hand, some of the brides just expect so much! I said to Andy that I wouldn't mind too much about what he did, but one thing he'd have to get right; THE DRESS! I have had my heart set on a particular style of dress for the past year. To then discover that I had to wear something completely different I think I would be heartbroken. 

We did discuss going onto the show, but in the end we decided that we wanted it our way, together as a joint thing. Plus if I'm honest, I couldn't handle it! Three weeks, not knowing when I'm getting married, where or what I'm wearing, and not seeing him, it would drive me crazy! 

Would you ever go on a show like this? What are your thoughts?

Also, as from this week Bex at Futures has created a Link Up for all Wedding Planning posts, so go take a looksie! :) x

Emily xox

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wedding Wednesay - Invites

Who to invite the our wedding is a big talking point between us at the moment. We've been looking at venues who ask that you have a minimum of  50 people, which in hindsight  we know is not alot of people, but then we're starting to get further and further away from the small intimate wedding that we're after. 

The big questions for us are; 
  1. Who do you invite?
  2. And where is the line?
See, the Boyfriend is very close to his family, aunt's, uncles, cousins ect, where as I would prefer to keep it to my imediate family, with just a few of my aunts/uncles. But how do I invite Andy's cousins and not my own? Am I going to cause a rift? I think at some point, all bride will go through this big question and dilemma, my conclusion? Well it's our wedding. Simple as that, you're going to end up upsetting someone, so why not please the two people that this day is really about? 

What I think people will need to see, is we don't have an endless budget, and looking at some venues, it's costing nearly £100pp for a sit down meal. We're hoping to find it cheaper or do our own catering, but we will see. 

My point is, it's our day and we know what we want. If they don't come to the wedding, they come to the reception, which is what most people I know prefer anyway!

How did you tackle guest lists? Did you upset anyone? 

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Savings.

When it comes to my wedding, I want to be as prepared as possible, so in order to do that, I need a lot of saving! Me and the boyfriend are working extra hard to put the funds away. We have decided to buy a funds pot, purely because it'll be something we will see day and day out and a place to put our extra pennies. There are so many around that I can't decided what one to buy come payday. 

Personally I really like the 3rd one, it's pricey, a snip at £22.95, but it's personalized and a keepsake!  Your wedding is a special time for you and your partner, so why not have a few special things! 

I think the piggy bank is also a cute and has a 'classic, retro' feel to it! While writing this, I think I've decided which one I'm going to buy and the proper saving can finally start!

Which one do you like best? How did you save for your wedding? 

Emily xx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Planning

Although, I'm not officially engaged to be wed just yet, it's fair to say, it's certainly soon on the cards! Me and the boyfriend have been talking and talking and talking about our wedding, what we want, who we want, and where we want it. 

I have thought about when I want to get married and between the two of us we have decided on a date we'd like to 'work towards' as such, so it's by no means an official engagement or annoucement, and we've only casually mentioned it to family! (still waiting for the proper proposal hehe!). 

                So where do you start when you're planning a wedding? Well here are my top 3 priority things I'd sort out first.


Budget, seems to be the thing that causes the most stress in planning a wedding. I know that we've already had a few bickers over how much to spend! It's also trying your hardest to not go over budget just as much. Reading through some bride magazines, it's amazing how much some people spend. I'm not by any means disrespecting peoples choices, but to me 30,000 on one day is just silly! We decided to set an amount of around 10,000 at the most. Ambitious I have been told, but what with all the help people have offered me, I'm hoping to pull in alot of favours! Just a quick tip that we found, it's your day, you have what you want, not what others want you to have!


I think letting people know the date asap, because they need to the time to book it off work and make sure that if they want to attend then they can. Although the date we've decided is 4 years away, we haven't told anyone yet, I think 2 years is more than enough! We've chosen a  date that is significant to us, and I think to us, that makes it more special. 


I have put this in, because while looking at venues and availability, many venues are booked up years in advance! So although our date is 4 years away, places already have bookings for that year! It's crazy! Obviously this is not the case for all and I have found many will only book a year in advance so it's trying to find the balance. Hopefully we will book a place up next year, savings permitted and it will become all a bit more official! 

This is just a rough guide on how i'm planning to tackle the mammoth task it is planning  a wedding. I have helped plan 2 previously and let me tell you, that was stressful enough! So with my wedding, I want to take a more relaxed approach to it all! Hope you enjoy my tips and thoughts and look out for more soon!

Lots Of Love; 

Emily xox

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Baby Lips - Review

I've seen the words 'Baby Lips' thrown around quite alot on blogspher lately, and obviously, when I saw it at the checkout in Superdrug last week, I had to pick it up.

I got the flavour hydrate, as to my surprise, it was the only one left! I used it instantly thinking, 'whats all the fuss over' and was expecting it to be magical. My overall reaction? I just didn't understand. It was a lip balm? An over priced lip balm that tastes no different to a normal chapstick that would cost me 99p? 

I have continued to use it, hoping to fall in love with it. It's unfortunate to say, but I'm still unsure. I'm hoping that if I try a different flavour I might change my mind, but for now, I won't be reaching for it. 

I have to admit I'm gutted I didn't like it, I wanted to really love it like other bloggers have, but I'm afraid it's just not for me. 

Did you enjoy baby lips? What flavour should I try next? 

Lots Of Love

Emily xox


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Life; Where have I been?

Hello all, and firstly I'm going to apoloigize for being away so long! I originally hadn't blogged as I had been so busy because of my parent's wedding and being a bridesmaid I had a lot to do! But once it was over I struggled to get back into blogging, and I have really missed it! 

So anyway, I thought I'd post a few pictures of posts to come, things I've been up too and a few wedding snaps! I have to respect the fact that most of my family didn't want to be included on the blog, so faces ect will be slightly blurred ect :)
 Enjoy! :) 

The wedding was such a lovely day, and I'll admit I shed a few tears as my mu & dad exchanged vows, my brothers walking her down the aisle and my dads speech. It was lovely. I had a slight dress malfunction towards the end, but nothing major! Me and my boyfriend have now started to talk more and more about getting married, so expect to see some wedding posts soon! 

Hope it won't be as long before I post again! 

Emily xox

Saturday, 13 July 2013

#hertsbedsmeet - What did we get up too?

If you follow me on twitter (or any of the fellow bloggers) then you'll know that last Sunday was our first Herts/Beds blogger meet up! For some of us it was actually our first ever bloggers meet up, and can I just say, it was so much fun! 

After so much planning, prep, trying to finalize a date ect, we met up, chatted, shopped and it honestly felt like all of us had been friends forever! All these girls were so genuine and we had such a lovely time! 

We decided to meet in a central location for us, outside a lush shop. It was baking hot and we were all dressed up for the occasion! I have to admit that whilst walking from the car to Lush my heart was pounding and I was so nervous that people wouldn't like me ect ect, but once I saw the girls and started chatting, all those fears melted. 

After a mooch around shops such as TK Maxx, The Body Shop and New Look we headed over to Lush. We introduced ourselves as beauty bloggers and the staff were so friendly! They gave us demonstrations of products, talked us through different scents of there perfume range, where I did infact fall in love with one called The Sun, which as it happens I'm off to buy today! While we were in there making various purchases, a reporter from the local paper turned up to take photos for the Guinness World Record Attempt that Lush tried to do the day before, by trying to collect the most amount of kisses using their lip pouts! We got involved in the pictures, but sadly we did not feature. But it was all good fun anyway! We walked away from lush having had a lovely experience, and they had even thrown in a few samples for us! Which was really lovely of them!

Bex seriously has the cutest little boy ever! And he gives lovely cuddles!

We then went into Benifit, Bare Minerals, Boots and superdrug where we all swatched like crazy! I think by the end of the day my hand was so pink from all the lipsticks. We also popped into Clinton Cards, where I think we all fell in LOVE with the Yankee Candle range and most of us brought at least one candle. Again I'm off to buy one today! 

Now, you've heard of a bloggers hype? Well on this day, we created one! On a casual trip to Champneys, one of us picked up a lushcious body scrub, which was on special for just £2.50. Now when I say this smelt amazing. my god did it smell amazing! Review of this to come later, but 10 out of 12 of us picked this up! It is so good, so if your ever in a champneys, pick up the Distant Shore body scrub with passion fruit!

Space NK was next on the agenda, I have to admit I've never ever been into Space NK before and now I'm starting to wonder why! I fell in love with so many things! I have such a long wishlist now! 

After we had all tired out in the heat and shopped till we had dropped we went the our local pub/bar for a spot of lunch, of course picking the best spot for lighting and taking pictures! I can honestly say that I had a really good day, and it did feel like all of us girls had known each other for a long time, no awkwardness at all! We're planning another meet before christmas, and I cannot wait for this! 

Who went;

I really hope you go check all these girls out as they're so amazingly talented and kind! Also, get in touch if you do live in the herts/beds area as we're planning a few more meet ups in the near future! :)

Emily xox

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Herts/Beds Meet - Final Information!

After months of talks, planning and arranging, the meet up is now less than 2 weeks away! (10 days the day this goes live!) 

My self and a few of the other girls have received massive interest in the meet up, and between me, Shona, Bex and Hannah, we've now managed to finalize the details and bring them to you! 

Orignally we planned to go to Space NK to see if we could receive a make-over, however, this will not be possible! So instead here's the plan;

  1. Meet Outside Lush at 11am for a meet/greet/get to know each other. 
  2. Mooch around the shops, I.e Lush, Benefit, TK Maxx, Topshop ect. 
  3. No meet up would be complete without a trip to Superdrug and Boots! 
  4. Go into Space Nk, Swatch, Try and Maybe buy some products, maybe into Champneys too!
  5. Waterend Barn - For a bite to eat, cocktails/mocktails and seeing as it's my birthday, maybe even CAKE! 
I am under the impression that the meet up will end at the barn, after we've eaten and had a good time! :) 

Hannah messaged Lush to see if there were any events going on during the day of the meet up, although there were no events, Lush did reply with this; 
Whilst we are not planning any events for that particular sunday we are one of many LUSH shops around the world taking part in an Official Attempt for GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS TM at collecting kiss prints!
We will be using our beautiful Emotional Brilliance Cruelty Free Make Up range to make the kiss prints and collecting them on T-shirts so would love for you all to come down and be a part of something truly inspirational!

Otherwise we can offer you a Hello Gorgeous Workshop on the sunday at our Bloggers rate of £7.50 per person, this will last for just under an hour and include a shop tour and mini-facial masterclass, plus a lovely pot of our CupCake Fresh Face Mask made by YOU to take home!

So this is a possibility, for this I do need definate numbers, so if you are interested please Email me ASAP;

Thank you! :) 

Hope you all like the sound of this! I hope to see alot of you there, I know it sounds vague, but that's the idea, it's open for people to do as they feel! :) 10 days and counting! :) 

Emily xox

Monday, 24 June 2013

Beauty; Tea Tree Anti-Spot Stick - Review


Some time ago I was out and about with a few friends when I was looking for a good value/not over priced treatment for spots. I was in Wilkinson when I spotted this beauty for just £1. Now I wasn't expecting miracles by any stretch of the imagination but for £1 I was willing to give it a go. The results? Not bad! 


After A Couple Of Days;

The images aren't great and you can't really tell, but the redness and the size of the spots had reduced dramatically! Like I said I wasn't expecting it to be perfect but I literally can't fault this. It even smells amazing (if you like tea tree that is!) I've even had people asking what it is that I'm using as I never have had good skin. I'd deffo give this a go :) 

Have you ever tried this? Do you like tea tree products?

Emily xox

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fashion; Birthday Dress Wishlist

It's near and it's coming fast! In 2 weeks and 3 days it's my 19th birthday. It feels almost like yesterday, that I was excited about turning 18 and legally being able to drink, go out and buy things in the shop that I couldn't before! And now I'm sat here thinking, this time next year I'll be about to be ending my teen years. I'm excited, scared and nervous, the usual things. 

So obviously, I've been thinking about what I would like for my birthday and what I would like to wear! I've been searching for what dress I want to wear for my birthday out! I'm thinking this year is going to be low key compared to last year, just a small meal with family and friends. 

I've narrowed it down to just 4 dresses and still in the process of deciding which one to buy! I wish I could buy all 4 but sadly I don't think that'll be possible! 

They're all from New Look and so far, the bottom right one is my fave! Which one do you think is best? 
What do you usually do for you birthday? 

Emily xox

Friday, 7 June 2013

Beauty; May Empties/Favorites

May was a hectic and busy month for me. I was on holiday from work, planning this party, that party, going to dress fittings and all sorts. This is the month when I really started to get into hair care and skincare, and through the process I've found some gems! 

I've found that the Lush Tea Tree water (Review To Come) is one of the most refreshing sprays I've ever come across.I have an obsession with the tea tree smell at the moment, not sure why, but I'm loving it and can't get enough! Another product that I'm using alot is the Clearasil daily clear scrub. This had a fresh smell, almost like the smell of spring time and fresh cut grass! It's really good on my skin and I will also be reviewing this at a later date. In all, I didn't really have any make-up empties faves as my face went bare most of the time, due to my massively improved skin! But with weddings/parties/events coming up, I can assure you there will be some in the June Empties! I've already been thinking of some! 

What are you May Empties/Favorites? Have you tried any of these products? 

Emily xox

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lifestyle; Living Life In The Fast Lane...


Over the past few weeks my life seems to be moving forward very quickly. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was planning my 18th party, and now I'm nearly 19, moving out and making grown up decisions that will change mine and my boyfriends lives for the better. 

I do sometimes need to take time and think about my life and the choices I've made (Look at me sounding like I'm 80!) so far, and the choices I have to still make. I was looking through old pictures and thought it'd be a nice post to look back on in later years and see all my best/fave photos in one place :)

I have so many more, but these are just a snip-it  These photo's aren't professional or done with an amazing camera, they're personal, they're memories that have been captured and I love them more than anything. I plan on getting these printed with Photobox, who are offering 60 free prints when you sign up, which I thought was a good deal! 

Do you like photos? Are you crazy about them like me? 

Emily xox

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