Thursday, 15 August 2013

Baby Lips - Review

I've seen the words 'Baby Lips' thrown around quite alot on blogspher lately, and obviously, when I saw it at the checkout in Superdrug last week, I had to pick it up.

I got the flavour hydrate, as to my surprise, it was the only one left! I used it instantly thinking, 'whats all the fuss over' and was expecting it to be magical. My overall reaction? I just didn't understand. It was a lip balm? An over priced lip balm that tastes no different to a normal chapstick that would cost me 99p? 

I have continued to use it, hoping to fall in love with it. It's unfortunate to say, but I'm still unsure. I'm hoping that if I try a different flavour I might change my mind, but for now, I won't be reaching for it. 

I have to admit I'm gutted I didn't like it, I wanted to really love it like other bloggers have, but I'm afraid it's just not for me. 

Did you enjoy baby lips? What flavour should I try next? 

Lots Of Love

Emily xox



  1. I bought 'Cherry Me' today & the colour is gorgeous! I see what you mean about it just being an overpriced chapstick but the colour that Cherry Me gives is so juicy and nice - a good one to throw in your bag to reapply during the day.

    Highly recommending it so far! :)

    1. Maybe I'll give that one a go! :) I think its a shame I picked up the worst one (or so opinion have told me!) so I'm going to try another flavour! :) xx

  2. I have just reviewed this :) - I have a similar opinion to you !

    I have posted tonight :) would love you to stop by!

    The Jewel Beauty Blog - A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this, because most people are raving about it! xx


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