Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Planning

Although, I'm not officially engaged to be wed just yet, it's fair to say, it's certainly soon on the cards! Me and the boyfriend have been talking and talking and talking about our wedding, what we want, who we want, and where we want it. 

I have thought about when I want to get married and between the two of us we have decided on a date we'd like to 'work towards' as such, so it's by no means an official engagement or annoucement, and we've only casually mentioned it to family! (still waiting for the proper proposal hehe!). 

                So where do you start when you're planning a wedding? Well here are my top 3 priority things I'd sort out first.


Budget, seems to be the thing that causes the most stress in planning a wedding. I know that we've already had a few bickers over how much to spend! It's also trying your hardest to not go over budget just as much. Reading through some bride magazines, it's amazing how much some people spend. I'm not by any means disrespecting peoples choices, but to me 30,000 on one day is just silly! We decided to set an amount of around 10,000 at the most. Ambitious I have been told, but what with all the help people have offered me, I'm hoping to pull in alot of favours! Just a quick tip that we found, it's your day, you have what you want, not what others want you to have!


I think letting people know the date asap, because they need to the time to book it off work and make sure that if they want to attend then they can. Although the date we've decided is 4 years away, we haven't told anyone yet, I think 2 years is more than enough! We've chosen a  date that is significant to us, and I think to us, that makes it more special. 


I have put this in, because while looking at venues and availability, many venues are booked up years in advance! So although our date is 4 years away, places already have bookings for that year! It's crazy! Obviously this is not the case for all and I have found many will only book a year in advance so it's trying to find the balance. Hopefully we will book a place up next year, savings permitted and it will become all a bit more official! 

This is just a rough guide on how i'm planning to tackle the mammoth task it is planning  a wedding. I have helped plan 2 previously and let me tell you, that was stressful enough! So with my wedding, I want to take a more relaxed approach to it all! Hope you enjoy my tips and thoughts and look out for more soon!

Lots Of Love; 

Emily xox

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