Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - No official proposal?

For a while now, me and Andy have been talking about getting married. When i was 17 he brought me a stunning friendship/promise ring which I have worn on my engagement finger ever since. Some people find it odd, but to us, it's perfectly normal! With a lot of wedding talk going on lately and us even talking about a date, it got me thinking about an 'official proposal' and if in fact he needed to at all? 

I already have a ring which I love, so why do I need another? He's already told me he wants to marry me, and if I'm honest he's not really an overly romantic guy anyway (but neither am I!). He's quite happy to discuss getting married, what he wants ect so should I still be waiting for him to actually get on one knee just to be 'proper?' 

To us, it just feels silly as we both know that this is a natural course for us to take, we've recently just officially moved in together so to us it makes sense this is the next step! 

What do you guys think? Would you 'need' a proper proposal or would you prefer for it to be a natural thing?

Much love, Emily xxx 

Friday, 13 September 2013

MUA Eyeshadow - Review

Despite me purchasing this a fair few months ago, I've never gotten round to reviewing it, but now with Christmas on the neigh, I thought now would be a good time. I have a feeling I'll be using this alot around christmas, as I love the sparkle! This colour is known as Shade 3 - Pearl. 

As you can see it's very pigmented and I have to say I love how long it lasts! I can apply this before a night out and even when I'm coming home early morning, it still looks perfectly intact. Now those who have ever been to a club will know this is an amazing thing. Can I also mention that this beautiful eyeshadow shade cost me no more than £1! Bargain. Like all MUA products, I feel like the packaging could be a little more jazz, but at the end of the day, it's £1 and it's a pretty good product inside. 

I have since gone on to purchase many more MUA shadows and most of there palettes aswell (Which I'll review at a later date). They have a cast range of colours to suit nearly every need/event that is going. 

Do you like these shadows? Are you prefer the higher end? 

Emily xox

Wedding Wednesday - Don't Tell The Bride.

First off, I know it's Wedding Wednesday, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to write it up, so here it is! Sorry it's late!

I was sitting down to dinner with my boyfriend and family, when my mum just happens to mention that Don't Tell The Bride are looking for contestants. 

I looked across to Andy and his face was a picture! It did get me thinking about a few things though. How would I feel if I was to hand over ALL the planning to Andy? And how would he cope? Would he get it right? How would he spend the money? So many thoughts about what he would do! 

Let's be honest, I enjoy watching the programme and if I'm honest I just think most of the men are just using it as a joke, but then on the other hand, some of the brides just expect so much! I said to Andy that I wouldn't mind too much about what he did, but one thing he'd have to get right; THE DRESS! I have had my heart set on a particular style of dress for the past year. To then discover that I had to wear something completely different I think I would be heartbroken. 

We did discuss going onto the show, but in the end we decided that we wanted it our way, together as a joint thing. Plus if I'm honest, I couldn't handle it! Three weeks, not knowing when I'm getting married, where or what I'm wearing, and not seeing him, it would drive me crazy! 

Would you ever go on a show like this? What are your thoughts?

Also, as from this week Bex at Futures has created a Link Up for all Wedding Planning posts, so go take a looksie! :) x

Emily xox

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wedding Wednesay - Invites

Who to invite the our wedding is a big talking point between us at the moment. We've been looking at venues who ask that you have a minimum of  50 people, which in hindsight  we know is not alot of people, but then we're starting to get further and further away from the small intimate wedding that we're after. 

The big questions for us are; 
  1. Who do you invite?
  2. And where is the line?
See, the Boyfriend is very close to his family, aunt's, uncles, cousins ect, where as I would prefer to keep it to my imediate family, with just a few of my aunts/uncles. But how do I invite Andy's cousins and not my own? Am I going to cause a rift? I think at some point, all bride will go through this big question and dilemma, my conclusion? Well it's our wedding. Simple as that, you're going to end up upsetting someone, so why not please the two people that this day is really about? 

What I think people will need to see, is we don't have an endless budget, and looking at some venues, it's costing nearly £100pp for a sit down meal. We're hoping to find it cheaper or do our own catering, but we will see. 

My point is, it's our day and we know what we want. If they don't come to the wedding, they come to the reception, which is what most people I know prefer anyway!

How did you tackle guest lists? Did you upset anyone? 

Emily xxx

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Savings.

When it comes to my wedding, I want to be as prepared as possible, so in order to do that, I need a lot of saving! Me and the boyfriend are working extra hard to put the funds away. We have decided to buy a funds pot, purely because it'll be something we will see day and day out and a place to put our extra pennies. There are so many around that I can't decided what one to buy come payday. 

Personally I really like the 3rd one, it's pricey, a snip at £22.95, but it's personalized and a keepsake!  Your wedding is a special time for you and your partner, so why not have a few special things! 

I think the piggy bank is also a cute and has a 'classic, retro' feel to it! While writing this, I think I've decided which one I'm going to buy and the proper saving can finally start!

Which one do you like best? How did you save for your wedding? 

Emily xx

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