Monday, 28 January 2013

My Brush Collection

Hello Lovelies!
Today I thought I'd share my collection of brushes I've collected so far. It's in no way as big as some people's but I don't really NEED lots of brushes and am content at the moment with these. I do intend on adding some Real Technique brushes and maybe a few cheeky MUA ones as well after my spending ban ends.
So anyway, theses brushes are from various places, but mostly I got a set from Ebay! In total I have 40 brushes, but they're due a clear out soon. I like to replace my brushes often as some of them get alot of use and therefore lose their quality slightly! 

These brushes from ebay came in a lovely leather pouch which is perfect when I go away ect. At the time when I brought this, I was suppose to be going away on a few business trips with a company I was working for, which is one of the reasons I liked this! The brushes are beautiful and so good! I'm a person who LOVES brushes, and I love collecting them and can't wait to add more. My boyfriend finds it amazing how many brushes I actually have! I am looking for unique storage ideas for my brushes, so if you have any ideas, let me know?
What's your best brush brand? Are you a brush lover?
Much love, Emily xox

Friday, 25 January 2013

Spending Ban Update #2

Hello Lovelies! 

Hope you're all well! So we're week 2 into the spending ban for me (nearly into 3!), and so far so very good! I've not even touched a make-up product, a beauty related product or even a magazine! And I've continued to use up my current products! 

Varying up products has been the key for me I think, and keeping lists, it's made it so much easier for me to keep track of what I want. I've also decided that every month, when payday comes, the money I've saved through not buying anything, I'm putting it into my savings fund for various things. The only thing I've brought recently is food, needed for the flat haha! 

In the next few weeks, I will be buying some items, but this is for my new Hamper Shop! See my post here to read all about that! I even managed a shopping trip without even going into boots! I gave myself a pat on the back for that! They only thing I've planned to get beauty related is a new shampoo and hair cut because my hair is in dire need of some treatment! 

So, I thought I'd show you my top product I'm using at the moment! The Lush Santa's Sack bubble bar! I stocked up on this when it went into the christmas sales! I have 4 to work through, and plan on writing a review within the next week! It's AMAZING! 

How are you all getting on? I'm now getting to that point where I just want to spend money, but certain things are holding me back. I can't wait for it to be the end of the ban, which I worked out, ends on the day of the London Bloggers meet up. I can hear an Oxford Street haul coming!

Hope you're all doing well!
Much Love, Emily xox

Valentines Ideas #1- Gifts For Her

Hello Lovelies! 

It's nearly the time that Love is in the air and everywhere! So, seeing as I'm in that very soppy mood lately, all lovey dovey, I thought I'd use that and put it into doing something useful!

So I've decided to put it into a series of Valentines ideas! At the moment I already have 4 posts line up! So here's the first one! Gift Idea's for Her. 

If you're like me, I never really know to ask for! I'm very difficult when it comes to buying me gifts, so this year I decided to help out other girls like me (and guys, if you also read my blog) about ideas of what to ask for this Valentines Day. 

I've done an Ebay edition, because, lets face it, most of us shop online now a days, and it's here within a week at the most! Plus at the moment they have free P&P!! Even more of a bonus! 

  1. Ipod Shuffle - £34.99 - BARGAIN! Perfect for those long commutes, tough workouts ect!  
  2. Bayliss & Harding Set Of 3 - Lavender - £18.99. Who doesn't love Lavender? And it's a great price!
  3. Paris Hilton Watch & Bag Holder  - £14.99. Looks nice, looks lovely. What a gift! 
  4. 3 Pairs Of Socks.- £5.99. - Socks are always a good present, and these look comfy! 
  5. Pear Tree Pamper Set - £19.99 - THE Ultimate pamper gift set! What a gift for a lucky lady!
  6. Sarah Jessica Parker - Twilight - £8.90 - Lovely scent, amazing price!
So there we go! Hope you found this useful, and all links are above if you did see something you like. I think these prices are so good, and some of these I'm thinking of asking for myself! 

What are you asking for on Valentines? Do you celebrate it? 

Much Love, Emily xox

My New Venture! - It's Finally here!

Hello Lovelies! 

As I've been saying over and over again, I want to make the most of 2013. And one step towards this year, I've set up my own Hamper Shop! I know alot of people are doing this lately, and jumping on the bandwagon and I'm so blooming excited! Say Hello to Rosella Gifts! 

My shop consists of Gift Hampers, Cakes, Party bags and even things for mothers to be ect. I'm still finalising everything, and in  a few weeks I have a whole week of work, where I will be sorting everything out! I've put together a few things so far, which I will be sending to a few bloggers so they can try it out. It's all a bit sketchy at the moment, but once I've clear cut everything, I can explain properly! So here's to the future of Rosella Gifts, I'm hoping that it does well!!

I am super excited to do this and hoping that it's a success. I will be doing a price list, product list and will be taking custom made orders! I have some pictures ect to follow of what I'm doing, but this was really just the announement! Thank you to everyone for your amazing support! Keep your eyes peeled because Rosella Gifts is on it's way!

Love Emily xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

January - The In's & Out's!

Hello lovelies!

I've decided to put this little feature onto my blog as a monthly feature! As part of my new positive outlook on life and all the wonderful things that have happened in that month! 

As January draws to a close on what I plan to be my best year ever, I thought I'd share the in's and out's of this month!

So, lets start with the positive things that have happened this month;

  1. I've lost nearly a stone in weight! I started my new healthy regime at the start of the year and I'm doing so well (excuse the modesty). I can't wait to lose more!
  2. ME and my boyfriend made a very big & joint decision about something that will effect our lives! Not this year, but maybe next year. I hope this sticks!
  3. I opened my own business online! Say hello to Rosella Gifts! I was super proud of this, and I can't wait to send my first Hamper out next week! 
  4. I've applied for some new jobs, so fingers crossed, I might be in a new job by the end of next month!
Of course everyone has 'low moments' so I thought, seeing as you have all given me so much support, I'll share them too! 

  1. My spending ban is still in place! Not so much a low, but I'm starting to struggle! 
To be honest that's the only thing that's been bad this month! RESULT! :) 

I'm so excited for what 2013 has to bring & I'm looking forward to taking opportunity's that I would once had turned down! 

(A clue for a few posts to come!)

Much love, Emily xox

Maybelline Nude Airfoam - Review

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post is a long overdue review on a foundation I picked up a few months ago, seeing as this has now run out, it seemed appropriate for me to be able to give a full review and opinion on it!

    I picked this up on sale in Wilkinsons. It was on sale for £3.99 I THINK! I had literally used up my MUA foundation, and for that price I thought I'd give it a try. It was...Ok. I will admit it was not something I was like, 'Oh wow, this is amazing!'. It was a "Well this will do for now' type of product. I found that to get a good coverage, and for my skin, this is something I look for in a good foundation, you'd need to use quite a bit. Another issue I had with this foundation, is I felt it left me skin feeling 'oily and dirty' which IS NEVER attractive! 

It had it's good points, the price was VERY reasonable, and if I got low on money and REALLY needed a foundation then I would go to this, but only if it was on sale. The colour suited my skin very well and that was a very good thing, who wants to look like an orange now?

I don't think would repurchase this, but that's only me! It might be ok for everyone else, but for me it just didn't work out. 

Have you ever tried this foundation? What's your best foundation? 

Much Love, Emily xox

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Spending Ban Update #1

Hello Lovelies!

So officially, the Spending ban started on Tuesday, I started a few days earlier to allow myself to spend a few days in Feb treating myself for Valentines day. I.e new dress ect. So apart from that I plan to stick this out for the full 100 days. 

So despite most only being one day in, I;m nearly a full week in, and so good. I've been keeping myself busy, avoiding the beauty sections in the shops and trying to use what I've already got and try something different each time. 

As I said before I have ALOT of lush things, so I've been trying to vary up the products I use each bath so I don't get bored. My best combo at the moment is Rockstar soap, Ponche Shower gel and I love the bubble beard bath wand. I love the wands and will be doing a review soon! 

I haven't really been tempted to buy anything yet, the odd bit here and there but nothing I've been like 'I NEED THIS'. I'm hoping this stays the same, because 100 days is along time. I'm worried that I'll have nothing to talk about on this blog, but to keep those fears at bay, I've made a list of things I can blog about, so watch this space. The main aim for me is to save some money to put into a savings fund, put towards a holiday and maybe invest in a few other things. My average spend on health & beauty products a month ranges from £100-400, and considering I don't earn millions, this got out of control, so I'm hoping this sets me back on a straight path!

I've allowed myself to get my hair done, have my valentines day and get my nails done, which my boyfriend has said he'll pay for anyway! I haven't even brought my usual magazines yet, which for me has been hard, but I've saved about £10 already! I'm still allowing myself money to buy lunch, but will be trying to take my own into work ect, and cut down on luxsuries like chocolate and coke.

I hope I can stick with this because then it will feel like I've truly achieved something, so please help me stick to this! 

Are you doing the spending ban? How are you doing and are you interested in how I'm keeping my spending at bay? 

Lots of Love, Emily xx

"If this is Love, then Love is easy" #1

Hello lovelies! 

Today's post is a different one of sorts. I wanted to properly introduce you to a few special people in my life, blogging wise and personally. Over the past year, I've struggled with a few things, health wise, people wise, career wise and emotionally, and if it wasn't for these people, I would have given up many things, I'm ashamed to say. I'm going to do this in two parts, this part about my 'real life' as such, people and then a second about my 'twitter/blogging' friends/support! So here we go;

Where would I be without the obvious, my close family. I.e my mum, dad, sister and brothers. Despite the fact we argue most of the time, and without being crude my brothers and sister can well and truely 'get on my tits' and do nothing but wind me up! But without them, where would I be? Lost. That's where I'd be. I love having chats with my sister about things on my blog over a hot chocolate and a caramel bar. My chats with my brothers when something is really bothering me, or if I need some good advice. They're there. My brothers are alot older than me and my sister, who's the youngest, but in a way I feel like that makes us closer, because I can build off their experiences ect. I love them all to pieces and would never survive without them. My mum and dad our my inspiration, good and bad. I learn from their mistakes and their success. They've always worked hard to make sure me and my siblings could have good life, and for that I'm always going to be thankful, even if I sometimes don't show it. 

My boyfriend, Andy, without a doubt we've been through hell, been back, gone again and come through it again. We've been through alot, but through it all I've found support in him. Even when secrets and past actions have come back to threaten us, we've worked through them, together, as a couple. Even when everyone else doubted me, he supported me in endless trips to london trying to get my dream job (still searching), endless doctors apps, hospital trips and is there to hold me when I cry as they stick needles into me. Many people would have got fed up, given up on me, but he believed me when I said something wasn't right. And when it comes to my blog, he's there to always lend a hand, give me ideas for posts, help me word them, help me when it comes to taking pictures. I love him with all my heart, and I'm excited to see what the future brings us, because if it's good or bad we can work through it and embrace it. 

Kirsty. Where do I even start when it comes to this girl?! Friends for nearly 17 years. Thick and thin, she was there even when she was going through her own personal problems. She was always a shoulder to cry on, a ear to listen and a mouth to give advice. Her oppinions make me laugh, cry and lets admit it sometimes angry...but that's why were friends, she'll speak out when no one else will! We've had so many fall outs when we were younger it's actually funny! I am totally lost without her sometimes, and when she moves in April, I can't wait, as hopefully I can see her a bit more! 

Christy. Like Kirsty, friends for many years. We went through the most difficult school years together. Arguments, fights, tears, laughter and hugs. We came through it all. Boys came and went, but we somehow stuck together. I'm sad that this girl has now moved so far away for Uni and it seems as if she's slipping away to her uni friends, is this life? I have so many memories with both these girls and those I will treasure forever. 

And last but not least, Stacey. Patio, can be annoying, irritating but is also always on hand. I love this girl. Many trips out, cheeky waffle house meals, harvesters, dieting buddies, drinking friends, you name it Stacey's mine. Working with her is fun, and when it comes to my blog, (her being a trained beautician) is there to give advice and is partial to doing a good eyebrow wax ;). 

These pictures capture true, real life moments that I've shared with these people. I love each and everyone of these and without them, I'd be lost.
These people are the people who I can call in the middle of the night, cry in their arms and know that they will NEVER judge. And too me that's what you can call real friends. I would rather have these few close to me, than a million fake friends. They're FRIENDS and far away or close by, they're always there :)

Lots of Love Emily. xx

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Rosella 
Happy Birthday To You!

That's right! Rosella is A YEAR OLD! I wanted to just take a post to say thank you to all my beautiful followers, who have stuck by me, encouraged me and helped me when I was on the edge of losing it. So thank you, you will never know how much I'm thankful I truly am! 

In the year in which I've have my lovely little blog, I am so proud of it. Yes, in comparison it's very small, unestablished and has so much more to give. BUT, I wasn't expecting it to take off over night. And that's why I'm proud to call it mine! In the past year, I've met some amazing people, some who I can say anything too, can go to for advice or in general if I need to talk to someone. And that is what blogging is about! It's not about how many PR companies send you things, or trying to out do each other on how many followers you have, it's about how you can connect with others, share ideas, tips and experiences.

That's what Rosella has given me. It's given me confidence and dare I say it...friends! I thought my blog would never even get a view, and now I'm half way to 100 people, over 50 people from around the world, take time out of their day to look at my blog! How amazing is that! 

So once again, I just wanted to say thank you for your constant support, and here's to another year of Rosella. 2013 - the year she takes off!

Image from WEHEARTIT


Love Emily xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

And The Ban Starts....NOW!

Hello Lovelies!

So I've been talked into doing the almighty dreaded spending ban by my boyfriend and a few fellow bloggers! It's a good thing seeing as I have so much make-up, bath and hair products to get through that it was actually needed. So as of Monday I've been putting a block on all things beauty ect. I'm worried on how this may affect my posts, having no hauls ect but I promise, once this is over I plan to treat myself. Providing I stick with it of course.

 So anyway, I plan to keep you up to date on how things are going and I promise you, I will be 100% honest! So far so good! I've only brought fruit! I really need to stick to this, the money I save will be going in my savings account! (See my bucket list!). And again, a holiday is on my list aswell! 

So far, so good! To satisfy my need to shop I've been looking online, making wishlists and bookmarks of things that I will buy once I've lifted the ban which I will be posting every now and again. I've put my ban on until the 10th of Feb, odd date I know, but for me, It's so I can indulge in some Valentines treats then I'm straight back on it, to complete the 100 days needed. 

In particular I've told my myself, and been told by others, that one shop I will not be shopping in for a while is Lush (heart cracks slightly). I worked out I currently have nearly £150 worth of Lush products to work through, and maybe even more than that, so you can see why I'm doing this. 

I hope you will join/follow me and if you're doing the ban too let me know, we can support each other! I will be giving an update hopefully every week, just to see if I'm doing ok! 

Thanks for reading! 

Love Emily xx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 - Hoping, wishing, dreaming...doing!

Hello and happy new year to all my beauties! 

I hope you've had a lovely new year and christmas! I know I did :) I was thinking of doing a what I got for christmas, but decided not too. If you are interested then do let me know, I just think I've left it a bit late! 

Anyway, jumping on the bandwagon of new year resoultions, I've put together a list of what I want to do/achieve, looking forward too. ect ect this year. 2013 WILL NOT turn out like 2012 where I feel like I have done nothing! So anyway, here it goes...


  • Lose some weight. I have my mum and dad's wedding this year aswell as a close friends both in the summer, so I'm already looking out for the perfect dress in at least one size smaller! (WISH ME LUCK!) 
  • Pass my driving test! I need to get a move on with this! This is basically top of my list. FREEDOM!
  • Buy a car...A BIG wish i think, but we shall see! Broom broom! 
  • Get a new job. A seriously big ask. I cannot wait to get a decent job. 
  • Do my first YT video. Plucking up the courage...we may or may not get there! 
  • Book a holiday for me and my boy. A well needed holiday at that! 
Looking Forward Too..
  • Moving out! I cannot wait that this time next year I will have officially moved out of my parents and living with my boyfriend! 
  • Seeing Mcfly!! Thanks to my beautiful boyfriend this is happening. Wembley here I come! 
  • My mummy & daddy's wedding! JULY is the time for a wedding! Cannot wait!
  • My sister's 16th! I really really want to plan her a surprise party!
  • Starting over. Making 2013 the best it can be!
(Old Style Pose? Here we go then...) 

So there we go! That's what my plans are for 2013, what are yours? I hope I can do all that I want, and hope you can too! Good luck and happy 2013 everyone! 
Emily xxx

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