Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Move So Far...& I've reached 40!

 So today's post is about how my recent move is going, it's a long process! As I'm sure you're aware, my and my boyfriend are doing up a flat and will be moving into it, him first, me splitting my time between there and my family home!

Can I just say, I did not know how long this process would be! Yesterday we finished painting the bathroom, laid the kitchen floor and brought a few kitchen appliances such as toaster and kettle! I'm loving picking out items for our little home, it's true when they say there is nothing than working hard to make the perfect home, especially for the first time! We're not rushing into moving in, as we have places to stay until then and we'd rather get all things decorated and move when we're both off for two weeks in a couple of weeks time. We've had to cancel our holiday which we was rather looking forward too, but we decided that we'd rather spend the money and time moving and making it how we want. The floor isn't perfect or the richest of materials, but we like it. 

Family and friends have been so generous! His mum brought us one of those mini ovens with the hobs on top until we can buy a proper cooker, which will be next pay day, my mum & dad brought us a grill, tea towels and a dinner plate set. We (well I) almost cried with emotion at how kind people were being. His friend brought us a rather strange present, which would you believe turned out to be a life saver! He brought us a box of cleaning supplies, now I mean BULK buy of cleaning supplies, from Mr Muscle to Fairy liquid, we have it all, it must have coast a fortune, and it's filled our cupboard to the brim! We're sorted for a while! It's all been a bit overwhelming actually. Going through old things and chucking things out, it's strange! And when people say it's expensive they're not joking! I've spent nearly £300 in the last few days. Now £145 on a TV license?! Really?! There's never anything good on?! But still, it's done for a year :).

At this current time, I'm off to work and he's starting the kitchen. I'm going to keep you updated regularly  and seeing as i'm lacking on the beauty front, I'll make that up asap when I'm all settled. 

ALSO! I just wanted to say thank you for helping me reach over 40 followers this week! This has amazed me, even though it's a small number to some, to me it's amazing! Thank you!!

Lots of love, 



  1. You have a really lovely blog! Good luck with the move, it's so annoying that everything adds up to so much money but it'll be worth it in the end! xx

    1. Awww thank you! and I know, have zero money for anything else at the moment! So frustrating! x


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