Monday, 8 October 2012

Living In A Fantasy

Hello! Excuse my lack of blogging lately, but I've been super busy and trying to keep my whole life in order, which I'll admit is a struggle at this moment in time! Anyway, I have some super exciting news! As you may know or may not as the case may be, me and my boyfriend have just secured a flat! It's nothing fancy or special, just your bog standard flat! Which means, that I'm moving out of my family home! I'm staying at my home until Christmas, while my boyfriend settles in, and I'm saving up some more money and moving after, although I'll move in slowly. I'll be very busy as you can imagine and today I took a very mature step and went shopping for household items! I have some really interesting blog posts coming soon, including a haul, a christmas gift list & ideas of what to get people. I'm planning on doing some halloween posts to aswell as some other ideas flowing! I'm sorry I haven't been around much, at all lately to be honest, but I'm back up :) so expect to be floored with blog posts and might even include the odd one or two about moving!

Thanks for sticking with me, Emily xx


  1. I love hearing about people into their own places! Makes me excited to know it'll be me one day :) Hope everything goes well. xx

    1. Thank you! thats what I use to say! :) So happy words cannot describe :)


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