Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Holiday booking tips...

Right now i'm in the process of booking a holiday away with my boyfriend, and if i'm honest, it's more hassle than it's worth at the moment! We're both living on a budget, not poor just a budget! So to help my dear followers out, just incase you're looking for a holiday, I put together some helpful tips on picking a holiday.

  1. Obviously, each holiday is different for each person, but one thing I found is, if you're looking for an easy, relaxing holiday with no stress, go All Inclusive. You pay extra beforehand but it's worth it once you're out there! I swear by it!
  2. Contradictory to the above, it's it's a couple of you, (I.E no kids) then try and see if you can go self catering. You can save around £300 for a week (I kid you not!). But ALWAYS make sure there are places around so you're not stuck in the middle of no where, it's also a bonus to have a supermarket near by!
  3. I will always recommend this, but however, I know this is not for some...BOOK LATE DEALS! If you're not really fussed where you want to go, but have saved up the money, you can get some great deals, from as little as £100pp! This is what we've decided to do. It also adds excitement because you don't know where you'll end up! I recommend going to a travel agents first and ALWAYS check where you're booking! 
  4. Shop around! Never ever ever ever ever(!) go for the first thing you see, much like when buying a car, always look at what deals you can get, and if it's more expensive you haven't lost anything! Happy days! Try sites like Travel Republic ect.
  5. Remember that there are many options! Like I said before is you want a simple, planned out holiday, go for packages, but you could always try booking your hotel/flights separably and see if that saves money, also try different airports because some are cheaper than others!
  6. Try and get a lift from a friend/family to the airport rather than pay a taxi or the outrageous parking fees at the airport. Plus that way it's more reliable and you can get there as soon as you like and it's 10x cheaper!
  7. When it comes to baggage, depending on what airline you go with, or what deals you get, more often than not you have to pay to put your cases in the aircraft so try and keep it limited on what you take, and also if you can try and share cases, I know for some this can't always be the case, but don't forget you can also have a carry on, which is a very reasonable size!
I have many other tips later on when it's come to actually booking your holiday, such as what to pack and the essenitals you'll need! But for now i'll think this will do! as I'm in a slight rush (bad times!)

Anyway, mucho love and enjoy these beaut of pictures from Weheartit!



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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Boyfriend Tag!

Hellloo Lovelies! :) So today's a bit of a random post, because I felt like this would a slightly nice post to do, seeing as I haven't had many products to review, or any hauls, so I thought i'd introduce my wonderful boyfriend of 15 months :). I haven't followed the usual questions as closely as others, I asked people to send them in and find out what they want to know, so that's what i've done, I'd guess it's more of a couple's tag more than anything! :)

So here we go...;

Who's older?
Andy is, I'm 17 and he's 23 and yes we know! It's a big age gap!!!!

How did you meet?
Funny story Andy and I worked together and then we started texting for a while, before he asked me on a date, then by the end of the date, we were dating! 

First date? 

A nice Indian place just down the road from where I live :) 

Best place that you like to go eat?
Emily - Aroma Chinese

What's his fave drink?
Hmmm....I'd say he's a very big coke drinker and when we go out, he drinks beer. Like a man.

What's her drink?
Malibu and coke. Always
OR a glass of wine! 

She's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?
The soaps! 

What does he do for a living?
He is a supervisor of a department at a big chain supermarket (won't mention where for company policies)

What does she study?
She studies English, Drama and Media.

What's both of your dream vacation?
Both of us really want to visit NYC!

Do you two want to get married? 
A: Ummmm....maybe.
E: I would! 

How about kids? 
A: Deffo in the future!
E: ^ Same :)

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
Ohhh...she's not a big salad eater...but i'd guess honey and mustard!

(He's right!!!)

Whats one food she doesnt like?
Many things, never known such a fussy eater!

What size shoe does she wear?

Does she collect anything?
Make-up! I've never known someone have so much?! And shoes!

What is his favorite type of sandwich?
BLT - without fail!

What is her favorite cereal?
Lucky Charms. 

One thing she does that drives you crazy?
Ummm...make-up and clothes all over my bedroom floor?!

What's his fave sports team?
Man U!

Best trip together?
A trip to a holiday park in Cornwall :)

Whats her eye color?
Brown :)

You bake her a cake for her bday what kind of cake?
Chocolate, with a nice vanilla frosting!

What could she spend hours doing?
Twitter! She's forever on it!

Not our baby btw! 



So there we go! Yes i did go through and correct his grammar! aha! so I hope that was enjoyable. It's not as good as video one's I know but oh well! Leave comments below :) Sorry for the rough pictures! We're not a picture taking couple!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Valentines Day...

Hello All! Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day! For those who celebrated it and happy normal Tuesday for those who didn't! So I thought i'd do a small post on what I got up too! 
My boyfriend had to be at work at 4 and was working through till 12.30 in the morning! So our Valentine was short lived, but fear not we're celebrating today aswell!

We're both trying to save alot of money due to the fact we're trying to both move out into our own place, so Valentines is something that we didn't want to spend to much money on. So we did a small indoor picnic yesterday before work and today we're having a home cooked meal! Steak! Followed by Strawberry Cheesecake! YUM!

Anyway, without any more rambling, here are a few pictures from yesterday and a few from today! 

Sally Hanson Lipstick - Sangria - Gift


Love Heart Cupcakes - Homemade! 

Strawberry Hearts! (Will show how i reused this tub!)

I have more photo's will I will do a 'post 2' tomorrow after my driving lesson! :) 

Mucho Love <3

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


My first ever NOTD post. Pretty simple today, plain pale pink without decor. I promise they will be more exciting but i'm not going anywhere today so simple was 'simple' :) 
This is superdrugs' own :) Cost me £1.99 in total. I originally brought this when I went to Spain last year, and never actually used it! So this is my first time, after a while, I'll review it properly! Anyway enjoy! :)  

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What's In My TRAVEL Make-Up Bag

Hello! This post is actually Beauty related! For once! I always love reading/watching these types of videos, so I decided to do my own! There is one thing I need to let you know, I'm very much a 'drugstore', 'budget' type girl and I don't own ANY mac, NARS ect, I like the brands more like MUA and Collection 2000. I know that may sound cheap, but i'm still at a 6th form and only work Saturdays and Sunday's for minimal! This tends to be what I wear on a day to day basis...I tend to vary it up sometime however, anyway, here is what is in my bag; 

My make-up bag is from Primark and I got a bargain! It was in the sale for £1! It's a beaut!

My mascara collection. From L-R
Maybelline Falsies Flared
Collection 2000 XXL
Avon Spectralash
Eyeko (Not to sure on colour/make)
Rimmel Volume Flash
MUA Mascara Black.
Lipbrush - Tommy Collection Brush set
MUA Shade 4
Natural Collection (this is quite old and I keep meaning to throw out!)

Face Collection;
Liquid Foundation - Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
EyeLiner -MUA Shade 1
Both brushes - Tommy Collection
MUA Shade 1 Facepowder
Tommy Collection Blush/Bronze

compact mirror - Christmas gift.

Sorry for the crap quality pictures! I had to take them on  my IPhone, which is usually good, but i couldn't get it to focus! 

18th Birthday Ideas! (cakes!)

So not really 'Beauty or Fashion' related, however, I was going to do my well overdue LUSH haul, but I can't bring myself to do it, so I thought I'd share this. Once again, if you follow my twitter you'll see that I'm planning my 18th birthday party...IN JULY! Now everyone thinks I'm mad for planning so soon, however it's justified! I have exams and a mega load of Uni things to sort out in the next couple of months, so I'm trying to sort it all out now during my 'free time' before the real stress starts! I'm off to live in Portsmouth (hopefully!) in September, so this party is also a farewell do as well! So I decided that I might as well show you what I plan on having and maybe even help give others ideas if they're planning a party ect :)

All the above cakes can be found at The London Cake Company. All based loosely around the same design I love each individual personal touch from the colours to decor! I'm not sure what I want exactly, but HEY that's the fun in looking right!? I think the best one so far is the second one down!

All these ones can be found at Cake creations by Sarah, these one's attract me because of their 'orginality'. I know a friend who has ordered from here before, and was full of nothing but praise for them, so it's possible I may order from them, If the postage isn't too much! I do love the 'Tiffany' one alot!

Find these at Cake Maker Elizabeth. I know these aren't 18 particular but I did love them, and I do feel these two are the best ones! The '30' one is looking divine! So I'm going to leave it there, as I don't want this to go one forever (which it could!), I'm interested in peoples ideas, about what they like and new suggestions! Sorry it's not really 'beauty' but I thought SOME may like this :)
I'll think about keeping you posted on birthday developments? What do you guys think? And tell me the best cake? Chocolate or sponge? (I don't like fruit aha!). 
Anyway, Much Love Guys <3

Valentines Ideas (outfit version!)

So as Valentines is aproaching and sad about the fact that thanks to work, my boyfriend is working from 12-11.30 in the evening, we won't be doing anything, I thought i'd give people who can do something to celebrate it, a little helping hand in deciding what to wear for different events!


So theres one, i'm not going to make these too long, but I actually plan on buying that dress! I'm not confident in my own style, so I hope you like what I put together! This is just something I put together that I thought went well! Leave thoughts below? Much Love <3

Friday, 3 February 2012

My hospital hell...

I've had a bit of a nightmare these last few weeks which is why i've been lacking in blog posts. If you follow my twitter, then you'll know i've not been well at all. At first it started a few months back with a simple back ache, which on many trips to the doctors, they referred me to physio and put it down to me, in his words, 'A larger chest area'. I accepted this and tried to move on using simple pain killers. After a few weeks, I was in so much pain I literally was up most nights crying in my boyfriend's arms, (As sad as that sounds). So I went back to the doctors who just gave me a stronger painkiller Co-codomol. Using cocodomol didnt take any effect on me, well nearly no effect, it ended up making me dizzy and sick, NEVER FUN!
Lush Bubble Bar - Smelt Delish! will do a review when feeling better!
Anyway, I went back YET again and instead of listening to me about how the meds are making me worse she just gave me a higher dose of cocodomol! After complaining to my boyfriend he convinced me to give it ago. By this time, I'd developed a very strange pain in my rib. It got as bad to the point in which I couldn't breath without being in pain. My mum, who trained to be a nurse, suggested taking Nurofen along with it. So I did, (and if you're still reading, sorry if I'm boring you!) . I carried this on for weeks, and the pain was getting worse not better, and after much crying and my boyfriend and parents trying to take care of me, I was getting very frustrated and snappy with everyone! The doctors would not listen to me, and now I know that I was right to trust my own body.
It got to wednesday night and I struggled to breath. My boyfriend was running around after me, doing everything he could for me (bless him), and I literally couldn't ask for a better boyfriend! Anyway, he tucked me into bed, got me a drink, and hugged me until I FINALLY got some sleep. He even run me a hot bath before bed using one of my LUSH bubble bars!
Waking up Thursday I was still in total pain, I literally felt like a 90 year old women and the pain wouldnt budge. I tried everything, another bath, tablets, deep heat, in the end I gave in and my boyfriend took me down to A&E.
I have to say, we we're seen quite quickly! I saw my first nurse who I saw within the first 15 minutes of sitting down! I had to go do a 'sample' (I assume you know what I mean) just to check for a few things. You do not know how many time you get asked if you're pregnant...the look on my boyfriend's face was hilarious! Anyway, I was sent back to the waiting room before I was called through the the 'ward' area where I was placed in a cubical. A new nurse came and examined me and once again asked 'if I was pregnant' ect, which me and my boyfriend both just laughed. I explained that I have the implant and they soon stopped!
She struggled to find a vain so my hand is bruised like a bitch!
I had this in for just over 5 hours!
Cut short, I almost hit her when she was pressing on my ribs and I may have broken my boyfriend's hand! I was sent for x-rays of my chest and numerous blood tests. I poked and prodded all day :(
So she them came back after 5 hours of having that needle in my hand, and numerous naps and being groggy I was sent home. I was in the hospital a total of 8 hours, everyone was convinced they were going to keep me in, i'm so glad they didn't! I was told I may have torn a cartridge in my rib which can take months the heal and I was hoping that was it, they'd give me some medication and send me on my way. As it turns out I have to take 4 lots of medication and have to go back to have an ultrasound in the next few weeks as apparently I could have Kidney stones D:.

My many tablets, I have to take 2 of one every 4 hours, 2 of one
every 6 hours and take 3 throughout the day! confused?
So there's my hospital drama, sorry if it's bored you, but I thought i'd let you know why I havent been a very good blogger!
Let me know if you've had a similar experience? Mucho Love :)

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