Tuesday, 7 February 2012

18th Birthday Ideas! (cakes!)

So not really 'Beauty or Fashion' related, however, I was going to do my well overdue LUSH haul, but I can't bring myself to do it, so I thought I'd share this. Once again, if you follow my twitter you'll see that I'm planning my 18th birthday party...IN JULY! Now everyone thinks I'm mad for planning so soon, however it's justified! I have exams and a mega load of Uni things to sort out in the next couple of months, so I'm trying to sort it all out now during my 'free time' before the real stress starts! I'm off to live in Portsmouth (hopefully!) in September, so this party is also a farewell do as well! So I decided that I might as well show you what I plan on having and maybe even help give others ideas if they're planning a party ect :)

All the above cakes can be found at The London Cake Company. All based loosely around the same design I love each individual personal touch from the colours to decor! I'm not sure what I want exactly, but HEY that's the fun in looking right!? I think the best one so far is the second one down!

All these ones can be found at Cake creations by Sarah, these one's attract me because of their 'orginality'. I know a friend who has ordered from here before, and was full of nothing but praise for them, so it's possible I may order from them, If the postage isn't too much! I do love the 'Tiffany' one alot!

Find these at Cake Maker Elizabeth. I know these aren't 18 particular but I did love them, and I do feel these two are the best ones! The '30' one is looking divine! So I'm going to leave it there, as I don't want this to go one forever (which it could!), I'm interested in peoples ideas, about what they like and new suggestions! Sorry it's not really 'beauty' but I thought SOME may like this :)
I'll think about keeping you posted on birthday developments? What do you guys think? And tell me the best cake? Chocolate or sponge? (I don't like fruit aha!). 
Anyway, Much Love Guys <3


  1. The two makeup ones are pretty impressive! So many lovely cakes xxx

    1. I ended up going for none of them in the end :( I ended up buying and 18 shape with lots of flowers! :)


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