Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pictures of 2012!

Hello! Another 'reflection' post of sorts. I was looking through all my old photos from 2012, and thought I'd share all that has happened with me in 2012! :)
I turned 18 this year and had such a fantastic birthday made special by those around me! 
I also discovered my fave companies, such as Lush and MUA!  I got some amazing gifts such as my perfume, tickets to McFLY TWICE! (Christmas and Birthday) and reached one of my dreams by seeing them live! I got the amazing oppotunity to go to the Paralympics, seeing the blind football, goal ball and supporting team GB! I wasn't one to get into the Olympics and didn't really see the fuss, but after going I did! I left school! I sort of miss it, but I was so happy to leave, moved out, got Alfie, planned many events and parties, like my Boyfriend's and helping my mum with her wedding! So in all, I'm looking at the positives of this year, I've learnt this year that Family and Friends are so important, so don't take them for granted! 

So once again, I hope you have a happy new year, and a fantastic 2013! :) 

Emily. x

2012 - Reflection time.

First off, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and boxing day! :) 

As we close the lid on 2012, I've been looking back on the things I've been through in the past year. The highs and the lows. The good and the bad. And what it has taught me. Where do I even start? 

Well lets start with the fact that 2012 has made me the strongest I've ever been. It's made me grow as a person, and realise that the people around you are the ones that should make you happy and can be there for you. I had so many learning curves. 

My family had a horrible start to the year. My mum had a cancer scare and the thoughts that go through your mind is unreal. Is your mum going to die? Will she still be able to do this and that? It's horrible, and as a result of this, I became distant from people and started pushing them away. I didn't mean to but that's how I dealt with things. Looking back now, if I didn't have the support of my family, friends and my lovely boyfriend, I don't think I could have coped. The fact that I had to be strong for my mum, I'd let it all out at my boyfriends and I didn't tell his family what was going on. They must of thought I was going mental. Thankfully, she was ok in the end and it was soon sorted. But at the time, I don't think I've ever been more scared in my life. 

2012, wasn't great healthwise for me. I was in and out of hospital, numerous tests, doctors appointments and I think the amount of blood taken from my body this year must be unreal! Unfortunatly this caused me to sink into self pity and I was sometimes terrified to leave the house by myself in case I fell over through my dizzy spells I'd been having. Once again, Andy was my rock and if I didn't have him I would have never gone to the doctors! I'm still in the process of trying to find out what is wrong, but on wards and upwards as they say!

It's not all doom and gloom, but it's fair to say I can't wait to see the end of this year! BUT time for the positves! (Yes I did have SOME!)
Me and Andy got a flat together! Although I haven't officially moved in, I stay there most of the time! And in 2013 I can't wait to move in full time! It's lovely to have a place to call our own and do what we want with it! Shopping trips to Ikea and Asda for the past 3 months have been the most fun ever! And I owe him everything!

We got our little munchkin Alfie. He may be a rabbit but he's part of the family, and yes I did spoil him over chirstmas! He got presents like the rest of us and a special rabbit xmas dinner (Sad I know!). He's my baby and I spoil him rotten! I'm so glad we have him and he loves cuddles!

I left sixth form this year, after completing my A Levels, at one point I was going to give up! I'm so glad I didn't. I've not gone to UNI MY OWN CHOICE i'd like to add. Instead i'm reaching for my dreams of working in PR or Marketing, So far, I've had job interviews in top London companies, no luck in getting a job but it's a start! 

In all, 2012, it's been eventful, leaving my job, got a new one and then went back to my old one. It's been tough, but I've had such a good learning experience! 

I hope 2013 has good times to bring as I'm going to make it mine! :)

Happy New Year All! 

Love, Emily <3

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bucket List Hype.

Baby Baby Bucket List to be precise.

Recently, me and boyfriend have been talking more and more about having children. Not right now, as we feel too young, but in the near future. After talking about it and seeing his brother and his girlfriend with their baby, who was born in September it got me thinking. How much do you want to do now, while you still have the time and the money? Don't get me wrong, but I know babies are expensive and time consuming, but at the same time, I know they're a blessing as well. But realistically, I know that when a baby comes along, as my sister-in-law has found out, it's not always possible to do the things that you've always wanted too!

I have written a bucket list in which me and boyfriend have put together of things we'd like to achieve and do by the time we want to have children. It's a list that is full of personal things, individually and as a couple. Don't get me wrong, if I don't complete this list before we have a baby then it's not the end of the world, and I KNOW people keep saying you're only young you don't need to think about children,  but it's something that is a big deal for my boyfriend and I. It's something we both want and have done for a while. So why shouldn't we be prepared?!

I thought I'd share this, as I found this very useful, for personal reasons as well as practical!

  1. Save £1000 up in a savings account. (For a Rainy Day)
  2. Change my Job/Get a better one.
  3. Travel to Spain
  4. Travel to A Cannery Island.
  5. Open up a Baby's saving account. (For things for the baby!)  Done 2012 
  6. Build up my blog.
  7. Perfect a certain recipe   Done Jan 2013. Homemade pizza!
  8. Watch the stars with Andy.
  9. Get my driving license.
  10. Buy a car!  Done April 2013.
  11. Collect up items to put in a memory box for the baby. Part complete. Brought A Box Feb 2013
  12. Have a romantic weekend away.
  13. Visit a casino.
  14. Go on a girls weekend.
  15. Go to a Spa Done April 2013
  16. Make a ginger bread house.
  17. Got to the theatre.
  18. Go to a Man united match (Andy)
  19. Go to a Liverpool match (ME!!)
  20. Go to a Mcfly Concert.  Done in 2013 - Boyfriend got me tickets for christmas!
  21. Spend more time with my friends.
  22. Sleep in on my days off.
  23. Have breakfast in bed at least once a week
  24. Spend a full day in London sight seeing.
  25. Sort out our flat. Done Feb/March 2013. Painting completed and now fully furnished. 

In the years we've been together, we've been through alot. He's my rock.

So far this is what we've put together, I think theres some really easy things to complete, others will take time! But that's the idea, I plan to complete this within 3 years, and then maybe, we will be ready! Theres no exact answer, but this is a guide. This is personal to me, so please understand, I'm not saying this is what I HAVE to do! This is what I'd like to do, and for an 18 year old, I feel this is a mature approach :)

Hope you enjoy! xxx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

2012, good riddance!


Sorry for my absense recently, as usual I have the excuses of my internets been down, I've been busy and I've been very ill! Not to mention the fact I've not been feeling myself at all. I realised the other day what a miserable cow I've been on twitter and to people I love dearly. Today I put it all aside, soaked in the bath, gave my hair a good treatment and pampered myself silly, the results? I felt so good. 

I feel so glad to have some very special people around me that have helped me out when I've been feeling my worst. I'm on the mend now and off all my medication, thank God!!! I'm getting there, and I'm trying to find my blogging mojo again, so don't think you've got rid of me! I'll be back soon as I've got alot to post about! 

That's all for now :) speak to you all soon! 

lots of love & merry Christmas xxxxxx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shopping Fever! Christmas series #3

So as I'm feeling festive and in such a blogging mood. Yesterday I done what I thought was IMPOSSIBLE! I've finished pretty much ALL my Christmas shopping BEFORE December even began! Very happy Emily indeed! So anyway, I have to say, it was difficult, seeing as I'm on a very tight budget, well me and my boyfriend, that I was trying to spread the costs and shop around alot. I then began thinking, I thought my readers would like some help on where I got most of my presents from and the best shops to browse because, as I found, you'll ALWAYS find something :) 

So here we go; 

  1. Argos. Obvious one I guess, however I didn't expect to get as much as I did from here. I used up an old voucher I had lying around from my birthday to put towards some presents :)
  2. Supermarkets! Me and my boyfriend were doing our weekly shop when I saw that Coop had a sale on all spirits such as Vodka and Malibu ect on sale! Now, in my family and his, these are the perfect presents for people, and we stocked up as well! £12 for a large bottle of Smirnoff Vodka isn't bad going! :) 
  3. B&Ms Home Bargains. Some might not have heard of this! But I got so many things from here, from stocking filler type gifts, to larger items aswell! They have novelty gifts, new baby chirstmas items, beauty sets, basically if you want it, they have it! I got so many things from here! I got something small like a mug full of love hearts, to a nice bottle of perfume. Seriously, find your nearest one! 
  4. Wilkinsons. Another obvious one I suppose! LOVE LOVE LOVED this shop. I got so many things for children here, which in my family & my boyfriends is a important, as we have many young cousins, nephews and nieces between us. They have a sale on all there 'make it yourself' range for small children, so I stocked up! Perfect to fill there gift hampers with! (Blog post coming soon on this!) 
  5. My last one for now is EBAY! I've picked up some great stuff on there, including a signed poster of my boyfriends hero, my little sisters hero and my dads! Now these are expensive examples, but smaller items such as a sweets gift hamper I got for my sister - in - law was a steal! You just need to shop around and trust me you'll find the bargains :D 
So I hope you found this somewhat useful. I will add more later, but for now, enjoy and happy shopping!
Emily xx

A tad of Christmas cheer! #2

It's that time of year again when my tinsil is out, my wrapping skills are in top form and my bank account is close to being frozen. Yes. It's christmas time. I'll admit, I was stalking Bex's blog Futures, I came across this post she did last year, talking about what she was looking forward too and what wishes she had for the Decemeber month. I really liked the idea, so thought I'd give it ago, as there's alot I'm looking forward too! 

2012 has been an odd year for me, one filled with tears, laughter, joy, heartbreak and disapointment. It's one of those years, I want to keep the precious memories and put behind me the 'darker parts' of my life this year.
I'm looking forward to this December:
  1. Spending my first Christmas with my boyfriend! It's our 3rd Christmas we've been together and we've decided to spend it together rather than apart this year.
  2. Giving my family there gifts! I've put so much effort into them this year, and I can't wait to see the joy on their faces. 
  3. A few cosy days off with my boyfriend. With both of us working full time, it's difficult to spend time together, so I'm looking forward to a few days together, watching films and decorating our little flat.
  4. Of course decorating our flat with pretty twinkle lights and glitter! Very excited for this!
  5. To finish off my shopping! I've done ALL my gifts bar 1 and now it's the dreaded food shop. Yet, I'm super excited!
  6. Double Discount at work. Yes I'm sad, but double discount means stocking up on that Christmas cheer,and for me that means vodka and JD!
  7. Christmas Dinner. Who is not looking forward to this to be fair!
  8. My nieces Christmas concert! Shes' only 8 but I love going to them! :)
  9. Opening presents. Of course everyone enjoys this!
  10. Outings! I'm going for a few meals out, including one with bloggers! I can't wait to meet these lovely ladies, super excited!
  11. Family time. Moving out and everything has showed me I do miss my family, so christmas day is going to be lovely with my family and then with the in-laws :)
So there we go, here's what I'm looking forward too this month, what about you? 
Goodbye November, You've been a decent month! Here's to December!! :)

Emily xx

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