Sunday, 16 December 2012

2012, good riddance!


Sorry for my absense recently, as usual I have the excuses of my internets been down, I've been busy and I've been very ill! Not to mention the fact I've not been feeling myself at all. I realised the other day what a miserable cow I've been on twitter and to people I love dearly. Today I put it all aside, soaked in the bath, gave my hair a good treatment and pampered myself silly, the results? I felt so good. 

I feel so glad to have some very special people around me that have helped me out when I've been feeling my worst. I'm on the mend now and off all my medication, thank God!!! I'm getting there, and I'm trying to find my blogging mojo again, so don't think you've got rid of me! I'll be back soon as I've got alot to post about! 

That's all for now :) speak to you all soon! 

lots of love & merry Christmas xxxxxx


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