Saturday, 1 December 2012

A tad of Christmas cheer! #2

It's that time of year again when my tinsil is out, my wrapping skills are in top form and my bank account is close to being frozen. Yes. It's christmas time. I'll admit, I was stalking Bex's blog Futures, I came across this post she did last year, talking about what she was looking forward too and what wishes she had for the Decemeber month. I really liked the idea, so thought I'd give it ago, as there's alot I'm looking forward too! 

2012 has been an odd year for me, one filled with tears, laughter, joy, heartbreak and disapointment. It's one of those years, I want to keep the precious memories and put behind me the 'darker parts' of my life this year.
I'm looking forward to this December:
  1. Spending my first Christmas with my boyfriend! It's our 3rd Christmas we've been together and we've decided to spend it together rather than apart this year.
  2. Giving my family there gifts! I've put so much effort into them this year, and I can't wait to see the joy on their faces. 
  3. A few cosy days off with my boyfriend. With both of us working full time, it's difficult to spend time together, so I'm looking forward to a few days together, watching films and decorating our little flat.
  4. Of course decorating our flat with pretty twinkle lights and glitter! Very excited for this!
  5. To finish off my shopping! I've done ALL my gifts bar 1 and now it's the dreaded food shop. Yet, I'm super excited!
  6. Double Discount at work. Yes I'm sad, but double discount means stocking up on that Christmas cheer,and for me that means vodka and JD!
  7. Christmas Dinner. Who is not looking forward to this to be fair!
  8. My nieces Christmas concert! Shes' only 8 but I love going to them! :)
  9. Opening presents. Of course everyone enjoys this!
  10. Outings! I'm going for a few meals out, including one with bloggers! I can't wait to meet these lovely ladies, super excited!
  11. Family time. Moving out and everything has showed me I do miss my family, so christmas day is going to be lovely with my family and then with the in-laws :)
So there we go, here's what I'm looking forward too this month, what about you? 
Goodbye November, You've been a decent month! Here's to December!! :)

Emily xx

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