Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pictures of 2012!

Hello! Another 'reflection' post of sorts. I was looking through all my old photos from 2012, and thought I'd share all that has happened with me in 2012! :)
I turned 18 this year and had such a fantastic birthday made special by those around me! 
I also discovered my fave companies, such as Lush and MUA!  I got some amazing gifts such as my perfume, tickets to McFLY TWICE! (Christmas and Birthday) and reached one of my dreams by seeing them live! I got the amazing oppotunity to go to the Paralympics, seeing the blind football, goal ball and supporting team GB! I wasn't one to get into the Olympics and didn't really see the fuss, but after going I did! I left school! I sort of miss it, but I was so happy to leave, moved out, got Alfie, planned many events and parties, like my Boyfriend's and helping my mum with her wedding! So in all, I'm looking at the positives of this year, I've learnt this year that Family and Friends are so important, so don't take them for granted! 

So once again, I hope you have a happy new year, and a fantastic 2013! :) 

Emily. x


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