Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shopping Fever! Christmas series #3

So as I'm feeling festive and in such a blogging mood. Yesterday I done what I thought was IMPOSSIBLE! I've finished pretty much ALL my Christmas shopping BEFORE December even began! Very happy Emily indeed! So anyway, I have to say, it was difficult, seeing as I'm on a very tight budget, well me and my boyfriend, that I was trying to spread the costs and shop around alot. I then began thinking, I thought my readers would like some help on where I got most of my presents from and the best shops to browse because, as I found, you'll ALWAYS find something :) 

So here we go; 

  1. Argos. Obvious one I guess, however I didn't expect to get as much as I did from here. I used up an old voucher I had lying around from my birthday to put towards some presents :)
  2. Supermarkets! Me and my boyfriend were doing our weekly shop when I saw that Coop had a sale on all spirits such as Vodka and Malibu ect on sale! Now, in my family and his, these are the perfect presents for people, and we stocked up as well! £12 for a large bottle of Smirnoff Vodka isn't bad going! :) 
  3. B&Ms Home Bargains. Some might not have heard of this! But I got so many things from here, from stocking filler type gifts, to larger items aswell! They have novelty gifts, new baby chirstmas items, beauty sets, basically if you want it, they have it! I got so many things from here! I got something small like a mug full of love hearts, to a nice bottle of perfume. Seriously, find your nearest one! 
  4. Wilkinsons. Another obvious one I suppose! LOVE LOVE LOVED this shop. I got so many things for children here, which in my family & my boyfriends is a important, as we have many young cousins, nephews and nieces between us. They have a sale on all there 'make it yourself' range for small children, so I stocked up! Perfect to fill there gift hampers with! (Blog post coming soon on this!) 
  5. My last one for now is EBAY! I've picked up some great stuff on there, including a signed poster of my boyfriends hero, my little sisters hero and my dads! Now these are expensive examples, but smaller items such as a sweets gift hamper I got for my sister - in - law was a steal! You just need to shop around and trust me you'll find the bargains :D 
So I hope you found this somewhat useful. I will add more later, but for now, enjoy and happy shopping!
Emily xx


  1. I am big eBay shopper indeed. haha
    Nice you already finished your shopping, I have to do that asap. And diy the rest :)
    Thank you for ideas :)
    X Deja
    Deja Zu

    1. Ebay is just awesome! And I know, I was so happy! :D you welcome! I'm glad I helped xxx


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