Tuesday, 29 May 2012

June Wishlist!

June - One month before my birthday - and the big bonus? I GET MY BONUS! Where I work every year we get a BIG bonus - a share of the profits type scheme and this year I should be getting around £350 - £100 of which i'm spending the other £250 is being put safely away for my flat deposit! So anyway, that money plus my usual wages equals me splashing out on a holiday wardrobe! 

So it's very much pink and patterns for me this month! I have a few seaside trips planned, so i think the spotty dress number is a must must MUST for me! What's your must from this list? I know it's not everyones cup of tea, but for me, this screams summer sun!

 Now I must go do some revision! :( 

Much love, xxxx

Instagram - Week In Photos...

1) Birthday boy! My boyfriend turned 24 this week and to celebrate, i threw a surprise bbq with all his family and friends!
2) Work on saturday morning was a total nightmare! Hate setting this time on my alarm :( 
3) Leavers 2010/12! Will miss the people!
4) Me and a friend from leavers - SUCH a good day!
5) Pink nails! Done for leavers/boyfriends birthday!
6) Boyfriend made me breakfast - sausage and egg sandwich to say thank you for the party! 

 So there's pretty much what happened in my week last week! Such a good week, as for this week, exams and exams and revision with a cherry on top! But after the next few weeks i'm free!! 

Lots of love, xxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Losing my MAC virginity!

As many beauty bloggers, I've found that almost every single one owns at least one item of Mac Make-up, and up until this weekend I was a total Mac virgin! On Saturday, I was on a late shift at work, so my boyfriend suggested we take a trip to the shops, and I wasn't going to argue with that! 

After searching and trawling all around, I couldn't find a single thing I liked, we ended up buying a few baby bits for a friend and spot of lunch and was about to give up and go home! Until I bumped into a friend of mine who'd just been in to Debenhams and had just brought the Mac Concealer, with that I had a light bulb moment! 

I have to admit I spent at least an hour looking at all the make-up and I'd tried many different items, much to the point my boyfriend was going to pick something for me! But in the end, I settled with 2 satin lipsticks! 

Retails at around £14 each

The 2 colours I went for were Costa Chic and Empowered! As you can see from the above, they are both a coral type colour which I think are going perfect in line with my outfits for spring! The lipsticks themselves give my lips moisture and are very good value for money I think! I will be buying these again and my mac wishlist is building! It's becoming dangerous!

What was your first Mac purchase? Do you think they're good value for the money? Or too expensive for your taste?

Much love, Emily x

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