Saturday, 21 December 2013


Last night was the #hertsxmasbloggersmeet organized by the lovely Sarah & Scarlett. Greeted in our local Pizza Express with a glass of Prosseco and a beautifully laid out table, it certainly gave off a festive glow that could bring cheer to almost anyone.

I'm normally a very shy girl and was very nervous about going, as I wasn't sure if I knew anyone (other than Sarah and Bex) and if I'd have anyone to talk to! Well it's safe to say, I shouldn't have worried! Despite me knowing only Bex and Sarah, I got chatting to some lovely other bloggers too! 

With Presseco flowing by the mile, it's safe to say most of us had a fair tipple, convasation just flew and we chatted about blogs we liked, and other bloggers, ones who we adored, who helped us start our own and who inspires us. It was so lovely to just chat about things other people are interested in too! 

The food was lovely, and was very good value for money! The pizza was huge!!! Then at the end, Sarah handed is out some wrapped presents! Our excitement as we opened them was a picture! A big thank you to Yankee Candle and SO.... for them, it was a lovely treat.

I met some lovely people as mentioned before, so maybe go give them a look?


Thank you again to Sarah and Scarlett, it was a lovely day and thank you for the thought and effort! Hope to be able to attend more in the future!

Emily xox

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