Monday, 30 December 2013

Pictures Of 2013!

Hello, last year I did this post, and it was so fun looking back! So I thought I would do it again :)


 This year my life had many ups and downs to say! I had a pretty rough start, ended up in hospital and having to take nearly two months off work. I got bored out of my mind! Then once back at work, I went out, brought a car, practically moved in with my boyfriend, saw Mcfly Again(!) threw my boyfriend and niece a joint birthday party :) I watched my Mum & Dad renew there vows and GOT A NEW JOB! We got our beautful cat Daisy and I grew closer to my Boyfriend's niece :)
Here's a few snaps from my year. 

Happy New Year

Lots Of Love, 

Emily xox


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  1. Seems like you've had a great year, heres to another brilliant one!


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