Sunday, 29 December 2013


I was sitting at my desk on evening when I came across this post from Bex's blog. I couldn't help but relate.

Over this past year me and Bex have grown close as friends (Or I'd like to think so), and I put that down to her being so down to earth, and on exactly the same page as me on many things. Depsite actually meeting properly through blogging, I actually knew Bex from a VERY long time ago through mutual friends, friends that I'm now sad to say, I'm not that close to anymore. Which has prompted me to write this post.

This year has made it more clear than EVER who my true friends are. At the start of the year, I became extremely poorly, which ended up with me having to have emergency surgery. Those who know me, will know that I'd been struggling for while with my health, and put it this way, I knew those who I could rely on and those who I couldn't. Not to be dramatic but it was possible I could have lost my life if my boyfriend hadn't of pushed me to go to the doctors, and while most text me, called me,asked about me, visted me ect, one friend could just not be bothered. She didn't call, text or visit the time I was in hospital or when I came out. I didn't care as I had other things on my mind, but reflecting now, I see this is not how a true friend would act! My best friends since primary school, are true friends. They text me everyday. They called, asked if I needed anything and when I was well enough came and took me to dinner, to get me out of the flat. THAT is a true friend. 

Friends who contastly let you down, can't be happy for you and have to make everything about them and what they want to do. I know we're all guilty of that now and again, but I'm talking all the time. Friends who can't be happy that you've moved in with your boyfriend and makes digs about how it'll never last. Makes digs about how you want to get married, have kids ect. Am I the only one who thinks this is just part of growing up? 

Much like Bex, me and Andy are saving up for a few things, like a house deposit, a wedding ect, so we don't go out and piss our money up the wall. I LIKE my quiet nights in, our cosy dinners, our bargain hunting. I just want friends around me who I can rely on, help out and be happy, like I am for them. I will always be willing to help out a friend, I wouldn't just drop them like a flame because someone better came along.

I've hardly been a great friend, I admit that for sure, but that's because sometimes life does get in the way, but I know that true friends will help one and other out, won't judge them and would certainly respect each other. 

Unfortunately, I've found out, this isn't always true

Sorry for the outburst, I had a lot to get out and now I feel much better! :)

Lots Of Love,

Emily xox



  1. i can empathize with you a lot i became ill and lost so many friends, you really end up seeing who really cares for
    at least you have your boyfriend and friends from primary
    here's to a better year :)
    aimee x

  2. even though you don't see anyone physically over the internet it's lovely to see how people are there for you...chin up


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