Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Laptop - New Times - New News

Hello! I'm on a blogging role recently! Today was the day that for the first time ever that I brought an Impulse buy. By impulse I just decided I wanted it and got it, leaving myself, in my own words a few pennies short for the rest of the month, but you know what? I felt amazing doing it! I always seem to end up with no money and have no idea where it goes?! So at least this month I can say it was money well spent. A few months ago, my old lapytop friend decided he'd had enough and went to computer heaven and since then I've been sharing a Laptop with my sister. Now, as a blogger I found this frustrating as I wanted to blog as often as I could and what with her GCSE's coming up, it was only fair I let her have priority. I got some sad news that I had infact failed my driving test. I failed on the most stupidiest thing ever and I will forever be kicking myself for it. So to cheer myself up I went out on a whim and said to my boyfriend 'I want to go buy a laptop' so off we went! I was walking round shop after shop after shop and was about to give up. I was going to chicken out by saying I just couldn't afford it, but I'm glad I didn't. Have you ever felt like you're just so boring and never do anything exciting? Well today I did. I know it doesn't sound big, but to me it's one of THE most expensive thing's I've ever brought! The next step for me is my trip to London next week.

As someone requested I'll be doing PLUS sized outfit of the days soon. Yes Plus, I'm not a skinny girl, I wear sizes 14,16 and 18. Yes that's right. I've never been comfortable showing my 'fat' off but after seeing some amazing blogs I've decided to show off some more! If there are any outfit types you'd particualrly want to see leave me a comment :)

That's it for now I think, much love to you all!



  1. Yay I'm a size 14 - 16 and I love seeing what other people wear :) ♥

    1. I find it nice to see people who aren't always a size 6/8!! :) x

  2. i agree seeing size 6/8 is overrated now and days! i'll be looking forward to your post! :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae


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