Saturday, 11 August 2012

Glitter Nails...First attempt! + Give away news!

So after looking through some nail art blogs I got the urge to do some of my own! For those who follow me on twitter you'll know that I recently put myself on a spending ban, which is based on the fact I've got alot to save for! So when I went shopping with my mother, it was hard to not spend alot on make-up and varnishes ect. So opted for a few pots of glitter I found in the £1 store. Now, before you say it, I know it's not 'PC' however, It worked well! I've never tried anything like it before so for a first attempt I was proud! 

As you can see I need practise! I went for a bluey theme for the Olympics! What do you think? Another one I would like to try is the Fish Egg nails! They look awesome too! As you can see I used an MUA Pink base and £1 glitter pots! So it didn't break the bank! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Also, I've started my blog give away collection which will include MUA, Lush and Oh La Spa and should be up by the end of the month! 

Much Love Emily.


  1. This look is so fun!! You must leave a trail of glitter everywhere haha. xx

    1. aha yeahh i did! but was worth it surprised the glitter lasted aswell!

  2. love the look of glitter nails but hate the feel of them! i get ocd and pick it off! xxx


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