Saturday, 11 August 2012

Prairie Charms - Project Blogger

Hello Loves! Today's post a slightly different one. Last week I was messaged by Prairie Charms to become involved in a project they've put together called Project Blogger. The idea being that they offer a discount to bloggers to purchase a bracelet of your choice from their website which you can view HERE. I went for the
'Simple Things In Life Are Often The Best' which to me is a personal thing I've been going through recently so I thought it was quite fitting! Also, when I was younger me and my brother we're very poorly, him having bad lungs and athsma meaning he was in and out of hospital, so the fact that this company offers a donation of it's sales to Great Ormond Street hospital made it even closer to home! It's an excellent scheme and the bracelets are still an affordable price!

The delievery was quick and speedy, and came in a lovely wrapped package, with a pink ribbon. The packaging was almost too good to even open! My sister was speechless at how lovely it was! The bracelet itself I really wanted to test its durability. This is mostly because of my current job i'm lifting things quite a bit including heavy tills and i often catch my bracelets :( however, I was very impressed (and happy!) that the band is rather strong and can stand a bit of wear and tear. 

Overall I would buy more from this store, the packaging was lovely, the delievery and payment process was quick, cheap and simple and the bracelets look good and are of a good quality for their price!

With my DKNY watch!

The bow has that classic tarnished vintage look.

What do you think of this? Would you buy it? 

Oh and I paid £4 for this and £2 something for the postage, so in all honesty I don't think that't too drastic! I've received so many compliments on this bracelet and my sister has talked me into getting one for her birthday! 

Much love Emily.

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