Friday, 3 August 2012

Blogger for iPhone!

Hello! Today's a bit of an out there post to be completely honest. It's just a little update on my life recently!

So first off I have to say I haven't been upto much! I've upped my hours at work because I have my driving test next week so am Saving for a car! Also on top of that the insurance is going to be mega! If anyone has any money saving tips or websites that I could use id be more than grateful!

Next I've just been for an interview in London about getting a very exciting job opportunity! It's the first step of many! I'm super excited and I'm just hoping for the best! I should hear back next week! It's not something that should be missed for me! I went with my boyfriend as I wasn't too sure where I was going exactly so we went together and did a spot of shopping (the SuperDrug and boots on the strand in London took my breath away!) and then into pizza hut for a spot of lunch. It was a perfect day!

Also, not so interestingly I've been suffering with the biggest toothache ever! Thankfully it held off for my interview! I've literally just come back from the dentist after a horrendous filling :(! But it should now (hopefully!) go away and I can be all smiley :)

I feel like I've been living in the dark ages but I've finally got round to downloading the blogger app for iPhone! I know I know I'm a poor blogger! But I can't believe I haven't used it before! Means I can now post when at my boyfriends, family and even at work now! So happy times for me!!

Lastly I received something lovely in the post yesterday! I will do a full blog post on it later on but briefly some of you may know about the project blogger project? I'll explain more later but I got my bracelet for this through the post and I'm in love with it!

So I know it's nothing much but that's my life at the moment! I hope to bring you good news next week and the week after! They say luck comes in threes right? Well here's my luck wanting to come out. New job, passing my exams and my driving test! Finders crossed!

Lots of love, Emily.

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