Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A not so beauty post!

When I started this blog I always said id blog about what I enjoyed and what I wanted to talk about. So this post is a step away from the beauty side of things and is a bit more of what's going on in life. I've done a few of these and felt like it got a lot of my chest which we all need now and again!

Firsty I just wanted to say how saddened I was by the news this week, first off with Gary Barlow losing his daughter and then receiving abusive and can I say TASTELESS jokes through twitter from someone seeking fame! I'm not even going to name him as what he did was vile. I'm not a fan of take that but I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

The second was the discovery of missing school girl Tia sharps body. How sad to lose your life at such a young age! She was in the hands of someone she trusted! Lets hope her killer is brought to justice!

In other news as you may or may not know I have been going for a job in London! Im happy to say I received a call telling I had been successful in getting through to the next stage! I can't even describe how excited and happy I was! I literally got of the phone and jumped and hugged my boyfriend who can I say has been the most supportive boyfriend ever with this! They only thing I'm extremely nervous about is having to travel to London on my own :S but like I say I have to get use to it! Do any of you travel to London?

Also, and this is a rather long post, I have my driving test tomorrow! Nervous much! I'm not ashamed to say I think I'll fail but I still want to carry on! I just want to say people can male fun of you but at the end of the day you've given it a shot!

So I'll leave it there! Let me know if you can give me any commuter tips in London I'll be grateful! :) much love Emily.

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  1. Congrats on your new job!! How exciting, great new times to come. Oh please do work outfits of the day! xx



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