Friday, 31 August 2012

Another Generous Giveaway! - TattooedTeaLady!

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After a few days away I came back, settled down with a cup of tea and a few biscuits and decided to catch up on a few of my fave blogs. I was reading through my list when I came across Tattooed Tea Lady's amazing giveaway. Now when I say amazing, I mean seriously, it is one of THE most generous giveaway I've EVER seen, the only other one I've seen as good and kind as this was Rebecca Lousie from Autumn Leaves!

I suggest that you all go take a look, and follow not only this blog, but also the weight loss blog she is involved in! It's so inspirational! Now, for a small, tiny blogger like me, I look up to blogs like Sophia's and I admire her, almost like an idol. I think she totally deserves her followers, and I honestly mean that. I know most people will only follow for a giveaway, but the quality of her writing is outstanding! She should be well over 1000 followers, and with fellow bloggers help maybe we can get her to 2000 very soon!

The giveaway itself has 29 products in, and in Sophia's own words, everything is brought by herself or an item from a beauty box which she didn't want. I think it's cute she then put 'I hope no one minds this'! As if anyone would mind! I think it's really nice she thinks of her followers to even think about doing that!

So, anyway, before I go 'creep' I'll leave it there, but be sure to check out her blogs! They really are amazing! :)

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