Sunday, 2 September 2012

New Baby Gift Idea's!

Hello All! So Today's post is a slightly off the beauty topic (YET AGAIN!) So lately I've been the go to person with my family and friends to get gift ideas for occassions such as birthday's, anniversaries and even new babies/baby showers! Earlier this year my boyf's brother annouced that he and his girlfriend were having a baby, which is due any day now! For a gift, we wanted to get something different. Everyone gets the cute outfits and toys. And seeing as we couldn't afford anything too big, such as the pram which we was originally going to get them, we opted for a homemade gift basket. We have already given them the hamper in which they nearly cried. We filled it with little bits, essentials if you will and also including treats for the mummy!  Inside we included;

  1. Scratch Mittens (All new babys need these!)
  2. Baby Monitors
  3. Socks! (In the words of my boyf you can never have to many!)
  4. A waterproof coat (Yes we caved!)
  5. Bibs!
  6. Baby lotion, shampoo, oil and powder
  7. Nappy sacks
  8. Nappies
  9. Condoms (A little joke!)
  10. Teething rings
  11. Dummies
  12. Chocolate
  13. Bath bombs
  14. Baby Bath Towels
We've also got them a few more things such as a keep sake box where you put the baby's hospital bracelet, first tooth and first curl. But we've kept these until the baby's born. We know that she's having a girl which made it alot easier to buy for. To place the items in, I brought a pink plastic box for £1!! from the market, filled it with pink and purple tissue and wrapped the presents up in pink paper. Below I've put together some ideas of what things look like and what to put into the hamper. On top of this, I've also got a cake planned to welcome the baby! That's also a nice idea. If you're truley stuck for ideas this website has some good ideas!

I hope you've found this helpful and feel free to email me/twitter me any questions or for any ideas! & @shootingstaremz I always answer :)
Much love, Emily.

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