Wednesday, 26 September 2012

If you've read the newspapers lately then you'll have read about the horrific events involving two police officers who were killed in a set up attack. Now, with it being a sensitive time for the police force was it the right time for a respected member of the conservative party to turn around and so publicly insult them? My guess is no!

'Pleb' is known in the dictionary as an insult to say, in simple terms the lowest of the low. Now, my question is, with the police not only dealing with a personal tragedy but also having to deal with cut backs, what gives this certain individual to right to give these hard working officers such a low status and rough time? Because my bet is, if his bike went missing, he'd be the first to call in the police? Correct me if I'm wrong?

As a person who has a police member in my family, I don't think they quite realize how much it hits home when you hear of a police officer being killed, all you can think is 'that could of been my brother!'. All im trying to get across here, is when people are doing the job they're suppose to be doing, what gives people the right to throw insults and abuse at them? Nothing does, even on the worst day you could be having, all I have to say is I'd like to see anyone who thinks they could do a better job try and do so!

As much as this may be biased I am a person to admit when I'm wrong. I'm not saying the police are angels, take the 1989 Hillsbrough disaster for example, the cover up and shaming the dead for all those years was wrong, and being a Liverpool fan I was disgusted, but what needs to be said is that it was a small minority of the entire UK police force involved, so why tarnish everyone with the same brush, should we do the same to MPs? No, we'd be scrutinized!

But what makes what happened to these officers worse? People taking to social media sites such as Facebook and twitter to praise, yes PRAISE the killer! It once again raises the question of 'Is social media freedom of speech or is it just plain abuse', I know what my view is! To slate the police is one thing, but to congratulate someone on killing them? That is just vile! As many people see it, are social network sites in need of being monitored more And should the offending 'trolls' as they're known be prosecuted? Or does that go against their human rights? Baring in mind those PC's lost there's the moment they were shot and blown up? Theres something to think about.

So I'll leave you with a question? I firmly believe in the police and what they do, and I believe you should ce able to do your job without being attacked and abused, but how many actually agree with me?

That's all, Emily.

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