Monday, 3 September 2012

Party Planning! - The Initial Stages!

Hello! So I recently posted on twitter about doing a surprise party for my boyfriend! It's ok, he doesn't read my blog! So I just wanted to keep you lot involved as always, and I promise to make it better than my 18th planning! And when I say involved I'm so interested to hear your ideas, and listen to your thoughts on my ideas! I'm super excited about this, as it seems my boy's birthday always goes un-noticed! So since we've been together, I put together something every year, although the 1st year I didn't. This will be our 3rd birthday together, and last year I did a BBQ with his close family and friends! It went so well and his family were super impressed! I'm going a step up this year, and as he is going to be a quarter of a century old, I think it's time to celebrate! I have the idea of inviting his family and close friends to a hall, and have food, a disco and a good cake! (which I'm going to make myself!). What I do have to bare in mind is there are alot of small children in his family, so I might even do party bags for them!

So at the moment I've got very few Ideas, but with my own party just passed, I know quite a few good venues! I'm hoping I can pull this off just as well! I've already spoken to his mum and roped her in! The week after I'm hoping to take him on holiday!

So if you've ever planned a 25th or any party, I'd be greatful for any help, tips and ideas! Anyway, that's it for now!


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