Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Holiday booking tips...

Right now i'm in the process of booking a holiday away with my boyfriend, and if i'm honest, it's more hassle than it's worth at the moment! We're both living on a budget, not poor just a budget! So to help my dear followers out, just incase you're looking for a holiday, I put together some helpful tips on picking a holiday.

  1. Obviously, each holiday is different for each person, but one thing I found is, if you're looking for an easy, relaxing holiday with no stress, go All Inclusive. You pay extra beforehand but it's worth it once you're out there! I swear by it!
  2. Contradictory to the above, it's it's a couple of you, (I.E no kids) then try and see if you can go self catering. You can save around £300 for a week (I kid you not!). But ALWAYS make sure there are places around so you're not stuck in the middle of no where, it's also a bonus to have a supermarket near by!
  3. I will always recommend this, but however, I know this is not for some...BOOK LATE DEALS! If you're not really fussed where you want to go, but have saved up the money, you can get some great deals, from as little as £100pp! This is what we've decided to do. It also adds excitement because you don't know where you'll end up! I recommend going to a travel agents first and ALWAYS check where you're booking! 
  4. Shop around! Never ever ever ever ever(!) go for the first thing you see, much like when buying a car, always look at what deals you can get, and if it's more expensive you haven't lost anything! Happy days! Try sites like Travel Republic ect.
  5. Remember that there are many options! Like I said before is you want a simple, planned out holiday, go for packages, but you could always try booking your hotel/flights separably and see if that saves money, also try different airports because some are cheaper than others!
  6. Try and get a lift from a friend/family to the airport rather than pay a taxi or the outrageous parking fees at the airport. Plus that way it's more reliable and you can get there as soon as you like and it's 10x cheaper!
  7. When it comes to baggage, depending on what airline you go with, or what deals you get, more often than not you have to pay to put your cases in the aircraft so try and keep it limited on what you take, and also if you can try and share cases, I know for some this can't always be the case, but don't forget you can also have a carry on, which is a very reasonable size!
I have many other tips later on when it's come to actually booking your holiday, such as what to pack and the essenitals you'll need! But for now i'll think this will do! as I'm in a slight rush (bad times!)

Anyway, mucho love and enjoy these beaut of pictures from Weheartit!



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  1. This is really helpful, and I am now i really want a holiday! x

    1. Thank you! and I know I REALLY can't wait! x

  2. great tips! I'm actually going to Europe this summer, so this is super helpful!

    found the route

    1. Thank you! I've actually had to put my holiday on hold which is sad :( but have a good trip round Europe! xx


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