Friday, 3 February 2012

My hospital hell...

I've had a bit of a nightmare these last few weeks which is why i've been lacking in blog posts. If you follow my twitter, then you'll know i've not been well at all. At first it started a few months back with a simple back ache, which on many trips to the doctors, they referred me to physio and put it down to me, in his words, 'A larger chest area'. I accepted this and tried to move on using simple pain killers. After a few weeks, I was in so much pain I literally was up most nights crying in my boyfriend's arms, (As sad as that sounds). So I went back to the doctors who just gave me a stronger painkiller Co-codomol. Using cocodomol didnt take any effect on me, well nearly no effect, it ended up making me dizzy and sick, NEVER FUN!
Lush Bubble Bar - Smelt Delish! will do a review when feeling better!
Anyway, I went back YET again and instead of listening to me about how the meds are making me worse she just gave me a higher dose of cocodomol! After complaining to my boyfriend he convinced me to give it ago. By this time, I'd developed a very strange pain in my rib. It got as bad to the point in which I couldn't breath without being in pain. My mum, who trained to be a nurse, suggested taking Nurofen along with it. So I did, (and if you're still reading, sorry if I'm boring you!) . I carried this on for weeks, and the pain was getting worse not better, and after much crying and my boyfriend and parents trying to take care of me, I was getting very frustrated and snappy with everyone! The doctors would not listen to me, and now I know that I was right to trust my own body.
It got to wednesday night and I struggled to breath. My boyfriend was running around after me, doing everything he could for me (bless him), and I literally couldn't ask for a better boyfriend! Anyway, he tucked me into bed, got me a drink, and hugged me until I FINALLY got some sleep. He even run me a hot bath before bed using one of my LUSH bubble bars!
Waking up Thursday I was still in total pain, I literally felt like a 90 year old women and the pain wouldnt budge. I tried everything, another bath, tablets, deep heat, in the end I gave in and my boyfriend took me down to A&E.
I have to say, we we're seen quite quickly! I saw my first nurse who I saw within the first 15 minutes of sitting down! I had to go do a 'sample' (I assume you know what I mean) just to check for a few things. You do not know how many time you get asked if you're pregnant...the look on my boyfriend's face was hilarious! Anyway, I was sent back to the waiting room before I was called through the the 'ward' area where I was placed in a cubical. A new nurse came and examined me and once again asked 'if I was pregnant' ect, which me and my boyfriend both just laughed. I explained that I have the implant and they soon stopped!
She struggled to find a vain so my hand is bruised like a bitch!
I had this in for just over 5 hours!
Cut short, I almost hit her when she was pressing on my ribs and I may have broken my boyfriend's hand! I was sent for x-rays of my chest and numerous blood tests. I poked and prodded all day :(
So she them came back after 5 hours of having that needle in my hand, and numerous naps and being groggy I was sent home. I was in the hospital a total of 8 hours, everyone was convinced they were going to keep me in, i'm so glad they didn't! I was told I may have torn a cartridge in my rib which can take months the heal and I was hoping that was it, they'd give me some medication and send me on my way. As it turns out I have to take 4 lots of medication and have to go back to have an ultrasound in the next few weeks as apparently I could have Kidney stones D:.

My many tablets, I have to take 2 of one every 4 hours, 2 of one
every 6 hours and take 3 throughout the day! confused?
So there's my hospital drama, sorry if it's bored you, but I thought i'd let you know why I havent been a very good blogger!
Let me know if you've had a similar experience? Mucho Love :)


  1. oh no - sometimes its best to trust your own body, i hope you feel better soon xxx

  2. I thought that! aha! thank you :) I'm getting there :) xx


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