Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Boyfriend Tag!

Hellloo Lovelies! :) So today's a bit of a random post, because I felt like this would a slightly nice post to do, seeing as I haven't had many products to review, or any hauls, so I thought i'd introduce my wonderful boyfriend of 15 months :). I haven't followed the usual questions as closely as others, I asked people to send them in and find out what they want to know, so that's what i've done, I'd guess it's more of a couple's tag more than anything! :)

So here we go...;

Who's older?
Andy is, I'm 17 and he's 23 and yes we know! It's a big age gap!!!!

How did you meet?
Funny story Andy and I worked together and then we started texting for a while, before he asked me on a date, then by the end of the date, we were dating! 

First date? 

A nice Indian place just down the road from where I live :) 

Best place that you like to go eat?
Emily - Aroma Chinese

What's his fave drink?
Hmmm....I'd say he's a very big coke drinker and when we go out, he drinks beer. Like a man.

What's her drink?
Malibu and coke. Always
OR a glass of wine! 

She's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?
The soaps! 

What does he do for a living?
He is a supervisor of a department at a big chain supermarket (won't mention where for company policies)

What does she study?
She studies English, Drama and Media.

What's both of your dream vacation?
Both of us really want to visit NYC!

Do you two want to get married? 
A: Ummmm....maybe.
E: I would! 

How about kids? 
A: Deffo in the future!
E: ^ Same :)

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
Ohhh...she's not a big salad eater...but i'd guess honey and mustard!

(He's right!!!)

Whats one food she doesnt like?
Many things, never known such a fussy eater!

What size shoe does she wear?

Does she collect anything?
Make-up! I've never known someone have so much?! And shoes!

What is his favorite type of sandwich?
BLT - without fail!

What is her favorite cereal?
Lucky Charms. 

One thing she does that drives you crazy?
Ummm...make-up and clothes all over my bedroom floor?!

What's his fave sports team?
Man U!

Best trip together?
A trip to a holiday park in Cornwall :)

Whats her eye color?
Brown :)

You bake her a cake for her bday what kind of cake?
Chocolate, with a nice vanilla frosting!

What could she spend hours doing?
Twitter! She's forever on it!

Not our baby btw! 



So there we go! Yes i did go through and correct his grammar! aha! so I hope that was enjoyable. It's not as good as video one's I know but oh well! Leave comments below :) Sorry for the rough pictures! We're not a picture taking couple!!!


  1. Ah this is sweet :) x

  2. Awh cutte post! You guys look so happy together. Don't visit NY theres nothing here, trust me lol. xx



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