Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 - Hoping, wishing, dreaming...doing!

Hello and happy new year to all my beauties! 

I hope you've had a lovely new year and christmas! I know I did :) I was thinking of doing a what I got for christmas, but decided not too. If you are interested then do let me know, I just think I've left it a bit late! 

Anyway, jumping on the bandwagon of new year resoultions, I've put together a list of what I want to do/achieve, looking forward too. ect ect this year. 2013 WILL NOT turn out like 2012 where I feel like I have done nothing! So anyway, here it goes...


  • Lose some weight. I have my mum and dad's wedding this year aswell as a close friends both in the summer, so I'm already looking out for the perfect dress in at least one size smaller! (WISH ME LUCK!) 
  • Pass my driving test! I need to get a move on with this! This is basically top of my list. FREEDOM!
  • Buy a car...A BIG wish i think, but we shall see! Broom broom! 
  • Get a new job. A seriously big ask. I cannot wait to get a decent job. 
  • Do my first YT video. Plucking up the courage...we may or may not get there! 
  • Book a holiday for me and my boy. A well needed holiday at that! 
Looking Forward Too..
  • Moving out! I cannot wait that this time next year I will have officially moved out of my parents and living with my boyfriend! 
  • Seeing Mcfly!! Thanks to my beautiful boyfriend this is happening. Wembley here I come! 
  • My mummy & daddy's wedding! JULY is the time for a wedding! Cannot wait!
  • My sister's 16th! I really really want to plan her a surprise party!
  • Starting over. Making 2013 the best it can be!
(Old Style Pose? Here we go then...) 

So there we go! That's what my plans are for 2013, what are yours? I hope I can do all that I want, and hope you can too! Good luck and happy 2013 everyone! 
Emily xxx

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