Friday, 25 January 2013

Valentines Ideas #1- Gifts For Her

Hello Lovelies! 

It's nearly the time that Love is in the air and everywhere! So, seeing as I'm in that very soppy mood lately, all lovey dovey, I thought I'd use that and put it into doing something useful!

So I've decided to put it into a series of Valentines ideas! At the moment I already have 4 posts line up! So here's the first one! Gift Idea's for Her. 

If you're like me, I never really know to ask for! I'm very difficult when it comes to buying me gifts, so this year I decided to help out other girls like me (and guys, if you also read my blog) about ideas of what to ask for this Valentines Day. 

I've done an Ebay edition, because, lets face it, most of us shop online now a days, and it's here within a week at the most! Plus at the moment they have free P&P!! Even more of a bonus! 

  1. Ipod Shuffle - £34.99 - BARGAIN! Perfect for those long commutes, tough workouts ect!  
  2. Bayliss & Harding Set Of 3 - Lavender - £18.99. Who doesn't love Lavender? And it's a great price!
  3. Paris Hilton Watch & Bag Holder  - £14.99. Looks nice, looks lovely. What a gift! 
  4. 3 Pairs Of Socks.- £5.99. - Socks are always a good present, and these look comfy! 
  5. Pear Tree Pamper Set - £19.99 - THE Ultimate pamper gift set! What a gift for a lucky lady!
  6. Sarah Jessica Parker - Twilight - £8.90 - Lovely scent, amazing price!
So there we go! Hope you found this useful, and all links are above if you did see something you like. I think these prices are so good, and some of these I'm thinking of asking for myself! 

What are you asking for on Valentines? Do you celebrate it? 

Much Love, Emily xox

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