Monday, 8 October 2012

Celebration Spending Spree (On a budget!)

Hello! Odd title I know! But as you may know I'm on a very tight budget for the next few months! So today I went shopping with my boyfriend to buy some new clothes and stuff for our new flat! We ended up having a spot of lunch, chose the colours we wanted for each room and brought the odd thing here or there! I will do a collective haul at the end of the week as we're going out again wednesday! Obviously I can't do the big items such as the sofa ect, but will do a house tour when we're all moved in, or should I say him. I'm going to split my time between there and my house with my parents, moving in after Christmas.

Anyway, without boring you here's what I brought. In all I spent about £40 which is good for me! It's a mixture of everything from clothes to christmas presents (Like i said, I'll do the household things later on if you do want to see it!).
(I apologize for the poor pictures again, but I'm having to use my phone for now!)

Peter Pan Peplem Top 
New Look

Pink Blazer

Imi Pointed Shoes

Black Cardi
PS Playsuit

Various Christmas Presents
From Poundland, Primark and H&M
£1-3 (Will do a post about these later on!)
Beauty Purchases
£1 Obviously!
(Once again, will review these later on!)

So there you go, that's the most I've spent for a while, it's not alot I know, but like I said, I'm save save save at this moment in time! If you have any questions just drop me or comment, email or tweet :)

Lots of Love, Emily x


  1. You got some lovely things, I love the primark blazer <3

    jennie xo |

    1. The blazer was my fave along with the playsuit! :) Bargains! :) xx

  2. hi i love your blog !!!!! lets follow each other ?

  3. Love the Primark blazer!I saw a couple of good ones there yesterday I need to find time to go shopping! :)

    Lovely blog!


    1. It's so comfy!! :) You should it was in the sale too! :D xx


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