Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wedding Wednesay - Invites

Who to invite the our wedding is a big talking point between us at the moment. We've been looking at venues who ask that you have a minimum of  50 people, which in hindsight  we know is not alot of people, but then we're starting to get further and further away from the small intimate wedding that we're after. 

The big questions for us are; 
  1. Who do you invite?
  2. And where is the line?
See, the Boyfriend is very close to his family, aunt's, uncles, cousins ect, where as I would prefer to keep it to my imediate family, with just a few of my aunts/uncles. But how do I invite Andy's cousins and not my own? Am I going to cause a rift? I think at some point, all bride will go through this big question and dilemma, my conclusion? Well it's our wedding. Simple as that, you're going to end up upsetting someone, so why not please the two people that this day is really about? 

What I think people will need to see, is we don't have an endless budget, and looking at some venues, it's costing nearly £100pp for a sit down meal. We're hoping to find it cheaper or do our own catering, but we will see. 

My point is, it's our day and we know what we want. If they don't come to the wedding, they come to the reception, which is what most people I know prefer anyway!

How did you tackle guest lists? Did you upset anyone? 

Emily xxx

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