Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - No official proposal?

For a while now, me and Andy have been talking about getting married. When i was 17 he brought me a stunning friendship/promise ring which I have worn on my engagement finger ever since. Some people find it odd, but to us, it's perfectly normal! With a lot of wedding talk going on lately and us even talking about a date, it got me thinking about an 'official proposal' and if in fact he needed to at all? 

I already have a ring which I love, so why do I need another? He's already told me he wants to marry me, and if I'm honest he's not really an overly romantic guy anyway (but neither am I!). He's quite happy to discuss getting married, what he wants ect so should I still be waiting for him to actually get on one knee just to be 'proper?' 

To us, it just feels silly as we both know that this is a natural course for us to take, we've recently just officially moved in together so to us it makes sense this is the next step! 

What do you guys think? Would you 'need' a proper proposal or would you prefer for it to be a natural thing?

Much love, Emily xxx 

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  1. I think this is quite an interesting question - my parents lived together for a year before they get married, so I think it depends on the couple and how long you've been together/been in love. What counts is that you've clearly got a solid relationship and if you can discuss it already, sans official engagement, I think it can be a natural thing x


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