Friday, 13 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Don't Tell The Bride.

First off, I know it's Wedding Wednesday, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to write it up, so here it is! Sorry it's late!

I was sitting down to dinner with my boyfriend and family, when my mum just happens to mention that Don't Tell The Bride are looking for contestants. 

I looked across to Andy and his face was a picture! It did get me thinking about a few things though. How would I feel if I was to hand over ALL the planning to Andy? And how would he cope? Would he get it right? How would he spend the money? So many thoughts about what he would do! 

Let's be honest, I enjoy watching the programme and if I'm honest I just think most of the men are just using it as a joke, but then on the other hand, some of the brides just expect so much! I said to Andy that I wouldn't mind too much about what he did, but one thing he'd have to get right; THE DRESS! I have had my heart set on a particular style of dress for the past year. To then discover that I had to wear something completely different I think I would be heartbroken. 

We did discuss going onto the show, but in the end we decided that we wanted it our way, together as a joint thing. Plus if I'm honest, I couldn't handle it! Three weeks, not knowing when I'm getting married, where or what I'm wearing, and not seeing him, it would drive me crazy! 

Would you ever go on a show like this? What are your thoughts?

Also, as from this week Bex at Futures has created a Link Up for all Wedding Planning posts, so go take a looksie! :) x

Emily xox

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