Monday, 24 June 2013

Beauty; Tea Tree Anti-Spot Stick - Review


Some time ago I was out and about with a few friends when I was looking for a good value/not over priced treatment for spots. I was in Wilkinson when I spotted this beauty for just £1. Now I wasn't expecting miracles by any stretch of the imagination but for £1 I was willing to give it a go. The results? Not bad! 


After A Couple Of Days;

The images aren't great and you can't really tell, but the redness and the size of the spots had reduced dramatically! Like I said I wasn't expecting it to be perfect but I literally can't fault this. It even smells amazing (if you like tea tree that is!) I've even had people asking what it is that I'm using as I never have had good skin. I'd deffo give this a go :) 

Have you ever tried this? Do you like tea tree products?

Emily xox

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  1. I am extremely allergic to tea tree but so wish i wasnt as there is some amazing looking products out there
    New followers here

    Carrieanne x


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