Saturday, 1 June 2013

Beauty; My Top 5 - Lush Products

Recently I've been using up all my lush products before I step back inside to a lush shop (It's been nearly 4 months since my last trip...) and blow my entire bank balance. I found myself trying products that I'd picked up yet never actually used, or even remembered. So whilst using them, I decided I'd write up and show you my top 5 best picks from my collection! 

The Comforter. 
One of the more expensive bubble bars in the lush range, but totally worth the money. I absolutely love the smell of this! It leaves me skin so smooth and it lasts longer. With most lush bars, I find the bubbles just disappear quite quickly, where as with this one, I find they last so much longer.  

Rating; 5/5 I don't think I could change a single thing.

Think Pink;
I adore this. It's so freaking cute, with the little flowers that fizz away and the confetti that springs into the bath. It's adorable, the only thing I can't stand with this bathbomb is the way the confetti stains my bath. I has to scrub it away! 

Rating; 3/5 - The confetti stains the bath and it doesn't have a strong smell, which is something that I like in my baths. 

Space Girl;
The glitter, the whizz! This bath bomb, is plain, glittery and no hassle! I like it because it has a beautiful smell and leaves no mess. Plus, it's one of the cheaper and a bargain! 

Rating; 4/5 the only thing I'd change it, I'd hope the glitter would be more noticeable. 

Magic Wand;
I am actually gutted that this is only a limited edition around Christmas time. I stocked up and brought around 3 of these! I love the smell and the pinky colour it turns my bath. Feels very magical indeed! It's the little touch on this wand that makes it one of my best products, like the bell. As lush say, it wouldn't be a magic wand with out a little bell!

Rating; 4/5 - I wish it would last longer. 

The Bubble Beard;
I first wanted to try this after seeing so many bloggers rave about it! It produces tons of bubbles with such little product and I kid you not this lasted me around 8 weeks! (Ok so I did use others now and again, but that's still alot of bathtime!) I used this one alot when I first was able to bath again rather than shower after my operation! It's so silky and leaves me feeling refreshed. 

Rating; 5/5 (I can't fault this!) 

What are your favorite lush products? 

Emily xox

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