Friday, 3 May 2013

Barry M - Nail Paint (Mint Green) - Review!

I've become more and more obsessed with nail polishes as we're getting  into the warmer weather alot more. I know that must sound odd, but it appeals to me more in warmer weather?! Recently I was in Superdrug and wanted to pick up some new colours. I'd been reading about the Barry M Gelly polishes, so I picked that up in Papaya(?) and I'm yet yo try that out yet, but while there I realised I'd never ever tried a normal Barry M polish! (Big beauty sin). So I picked up one in the colour 'Mint Green'. I seem to love this colour as I have 3 (yes 3!) different versions of this colour!

At first, I didn't like the consistency  It didn't feel opaque enough for me and it was very runny. My nails are so brittle at the moment because I've just had false ones taken off (NEVER AGAIN!) and because of my job, they get used alot! After really shaking the bottle it seemed to get a little thicker and applied alot better. But it still took a few coats to get the 'coverage' I wanted. 

Overall Round-up; 

1. Nice Colour
2. Nice Consistency 
3. Builds up nicely.

1. Needs alot of shaking to get a good texture
2. Takes a few coats to get good coverage. 

I would purchase this again! 

Have you ever tried Barry M's polishes? Did you like them at first or grow to love them?

Love, Emily xox

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