Sunday, 19 May 2013


'Don't go through life, grow through life.'

This above quote sums up my life right now. My life is going through a 'transitional' period of sorts at the moment. As my mum put it 'I'm growing up from a stroppy teenager into a young woman'. Now this thought scares me, because like most, being a teenager is all I really know. Suddenly I'm dealing with car payments, sorting out council tax and rent bills, making sure me and the boyfriend have food for lunches and dinner and various other things. I've always felt very grown up and mature for my age, but next year, I turn 20. Officially no longer a teenager, and if i'm honest I'm scared. As silly as that sounds, but it feels like my teenage years have slipped away from me. Far be it from me to say, they were NOT the best years for me, but that's another story! 

Finding the above quote it got me thinking, how many of us just go through life rather than grow with it? As strange as it sounds, I feel like I've let to much pass me. I feel like I've been too focused on the future things and so hooked up on the bad things that happened in the past that I missed what's been happening in the present. Reflection isn't exactly unusual for me, but for some reason, today it hit me hard. Maybe it's the fact I'm growing up, or the fact I'm moving out in 4 months time, who knows. All I do know is, I need to stop focusing so much about what MIGHT happen and deal with what is happening and right now, that's spending time with my family and trying to reconnect with my boyfriend.

In personal terms, it feels like due to strong work commitments, me and my boyfriend have drifted. Not in a way where we will be splitting, but on emotional levels I feel we need to reconnect. We have so much to look forward to as a couple and recently made some very big decisions as a couple, but time together is a big thing for me at the moment. We have a few days off together soon for his birthday this week and I cannot wait! 

Sorry for the rambling, but sometimes it's just nice to let it all out and hey it's my blog, that's why I created it!

Are there any big changes your going through right now? What are your favorite quotes? 

Emily xox

He's my everything, and I can't wait for the special times
we're going to have together, on top of those we've already had <3

In other news; 

I will be getting back to beauty posts soon! I'm just working on a few things at the moment and trying to find the words and everytime I write something, I just want to delete it. It never looks right :( So bare with me! :) 

Emily xox

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