Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Project May Is In Progress!

Today I'm officially excited to confirm my project May Plan! So, the plan is that because, I feel like my blog has been a little slacking/not getting enough TLC, I'm going to blog EVERY single day thoughout the whole of May! I'm really hoping I stick to this and will be a failure if I do! 

So anyway, I just thought I'd explain why I'm doing it, and hope you'll all try and keep me on track! 

Today's post is my weekly wishlist wednesday! :) I'm skint at it currently stands :( but I've been well and truly lusting after some items lately. I've been trying to cram in loads of overtime at work so that I can enjoy a day in London with my BF on his birthday in a few weeks, and also trying to get some extra money elsewhere! Carboot sales are a big thing for me at the moment, even if I do spend more than I make....If you live in Herts/Beds area you should pop over! I sell everything! Make-up, clothes, books, sweets, cupcakes! So email me if you want to pop along! But...enough of that, here's my wishlist! 

When this goes to post I will know if I've been succesful in my application to buy my car, which is all very exciting, so I hope I'm not tempting fate by putting the plates and air fresheners on my wishlist! I'm really hoping to get it by this week, and therefore and loving the heart shaped one! And the Yankee Candle in a Banana Cake flavour! Another item I'm wanting this week is this Ikea furniture set for the garden. Although as I'm sat here writing this, it's hailstoning outside! I said before about my boyfriend's birthday, so I'm hoping we get this in time for that, otherwise it's going to be a blanket on the grass! Which I will be doing anyway but ya know! The Dougie Poynter shirt is in prep for the concert I'm going to see in a few weeks, I'm super excited! And The Muji Cases, well I want to FINALLY get my make-up and other products in order!

What's on your wishlist this week? 

Emily xox

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