Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

This week is payday! The week when I feel entirely rich and I don't have a single care! But as well all know, or MOST of us know, it doesn't last for long! BUT if the spring/summer weather isn't a good enough reason to go out and buy lots of new clothes and other bits when is! In the next few coming months I have my boyfriend's birthday, which we're celebrating my having a small BBQ get together, I really hope the weather is nice, as it'll be the first BBQ we've had in the flat! Obviously not in the flat, because that's not good! Anywayyy, I then have my birthday, my MIL's birthday, my dad's birthday and my nieces, so LOTS of occasions! I'm super excited for the rest of this year, now the sun is shining everything seems to be alot more brighter and positive! OR maybe that is just me? 

So much more I could have added to this, so many clothes, but here's what I've put on. I'm particularly obsessed with the MUA Eyeshadow pallets! I want them all! And then to start on a MAC one, but that's in the very distant future at this rate! I am also looking for a new fragrance for the summer. At the moment I'm using Alien, which I adore, but nothing wrong with a bit of change, at the moment I really am liking the thought of this Marc Jacobs. The bottle is so pretty! As well as that, 
Hawaiian Tropic is a brand that I've only really used once or twice, but the Oil looks lush and the lipgloss! If I finally end up being able to go on my holiday these will be on my list! The oil might well be my go to this summer! Has anyone ever tried it before? 

What's on your wishlist this week? Are you on the look out for spring colours and sunglasses like me? 

Emily xox


  1. Great wishlist hun! I'd love to try the MUA eyeshadow palette, the colors are beautiful! :) The sunnies look fab! <3


    1. I just cant get enough of them! Want them all seriously! and thank you, about to order them now as it goes! xx


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