Monday, 29 April 2013

April Favorites!

This month I've found some true gems in which have actually become my go to's! It's an odd mix, but I've been playing about this some new hair products and sprays! 

This month I have literally fallen in love with the MUA eyeshadow palettes! Seriously, I can't get enough of them. I just want them all! The Undress Me Too palette is by far my most used one at the present time. I opt for this one whether its to go to work or out for the day ect I just adore it! The Dusk til Dawn one is pretty awesome too, I mostly use this one for nights out! Reviews on both of these are coming soon! 
After my operation, I felt the need to try and find a decent lotion, to minimise my scar, people recomened bio oil which I am still using, but I actually brought this body lotion from work and it's actually really good, I was shocked because it was so cheap! With discount it was like £1.30 or something?! It's not oily like I find others to be and really is my go to lotion now! The lip scrub has been a all time fave for a the past year or so,  and it's really helped me out in this flippent weather. I don't know about you but my lips tend to get very VERY dry and chapped around this time of year, so I love using this and it DOES taste good!

What are you favorites this month? Have you ever used these products before? 

Love, Emily xox

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