Sunday, 5 May 2013

How My Spending Ban Ended....

So I forgot to update you all on my spending ban! It actually ended last week, and I have to say I did save alot! And I didn't really relapse at all! I spent well within my allowed amount of money, used up unused products and save money! So much so that I've actually been able to put a deposit down on a car and build up my Baby Saving Account.

I'm so proud of myself, If I'm being modest (hehe!) I really thought I'd end up failing within the first week, but I didn't! I'm so happy, and I can happily say I haven't brought a single lush thing since this time! Which was one of my main goals, and because of that I've nearly finished all my products that I had built up and was probley never ever going to use and they'd go to waste! My boyfriend was shocked when I said I was running low and had to check my stock for himself aha! He was surprised when he turned to me and said 'There's no shi*** magazine's cluttering the living room!?'. That's right, In 100 days I didn't buy one single Gossip/Fashion/Beauty magazine. How good was I?! I have to admit, when I was in hospital, my mum and boyfriend did bring me a copy of Heat and  Star and Closer, but come on, I was in hospital, bored, and I technically didn't buy them ;). 

I think that I'm going to put another spending cap on as I'm officially moving out in October, we got the official date the other day and I'm so excited. But I want to make sure we have enough money saved so that we can live comfortably and not always be struggling. 

So here's my new rules, feel free to join if you wish! 

1. It's for one month
2. I will attempt to take lunch to work at least 3x a week!
3. I  will NOT buy ANY magazines
4. Only essentials are allowed, no being tempted by offers. Yes that's you boots!
5. Attempt to spend £10 a week less than I do now.
6. Only eat out/get take away twice a month.

So not many rules and I think I can stick to them, so what you say?

Love, Emily xox

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