Thursday, 12 January 2012

December Faves featuring MUA!

So seeing as we're part way through January, I'd thought i'd post my best make-up items which got me through the festive season! They are mostly eye shadows I will admit, I'm a sucker for MUA products at the moment and ALOT of fragrances! So, here are my top 5 I've used pretty much through winter!

City Duet - SoHo Spice

This was actually something my friend gave me because she didn't like it! MADNESS! This is a lovely colour combo, and it's actually quite nice and pigmented. I combine it with another eyeshadow I like to create the smoky eye look. I believe it's around £3/4? If i'm wrong, please correct me. :)

Tommy & Kate Eyeshadow set.

This is from a collection my grandmother got for me. I expected it to be quite rubbish if i'm perfectly honest, but I was surprised! It's a beautiful collection of colours which I thought I wouldn't like. They were very nice to wear on Christmas day!

This is my last eyeshadow that I possibly may have over used, however it's a gorgeous eyeshadow! The make Bourjois isn't one that I usually pay attention too, but this was actually once again a gift from a good friend, she got me a set of these eyeshadows, which was lovely of her! Anyway, I decided to try these out and found I personally found them slightly to metalic I guess the word is, but this one, I just found such a nice colour. 

This is the first MUA lipstick I'd brought and i'll be honest, because of the price I didn't expect it to be brilliant! However, I was very content when I tried it out, and fell in love. The actually colour is a pinky colour, which is what I've been searching for, for a very very long time without success! So thank you MUA because you've now become my best make-up brand! 

Another MUA fav! This time it's an eyeliner, which i'm a very fussy girl with, because I have very sensitve eyes! (Can't keep a mascara for more than a month at the least!) So to find a eyeliner that worked and has a very strong colour, yet didn't effect my eyes was a god send! The colour for me doesn't smudge and rarely needs to be reaplied (However, I do need to touch it up now and again, but who doesn't?!). Such a good quality product for a good budget price!

So that's a small selection of my December bests! Let me know if you've tried these products too, and what you thought of them!? Mucho Love Rosella<3

Also, A little note on the end, about my Rosella name, Rose is my middle name but quite often get called it :) and Ella is a name which is personal to me, so hence Rosella <3 It's not original I know, but to me it's special, I also often use the name Rosella when blogging :) <3 

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