Saturday, 14 January 2012

Top Fragrances.

So as I said, i've fallen in love with quite a few perfumes and sprays over the festive season! So I took the top ones I revieved over christmas.
The Body lotion of Alex by Alex Curren, a lush body lotion which leaves me skin uber soft!
And smells exactly the same as the perfume (obviously!)
This is the Alex Curran fragrance called 'Alex', I got this gift set from my parents after going on and on and on about it! I love this fragrance because it's just so fresh! And for those who know me, will know Alex Curran is an idol for me! I love the pattern aswell! 

True star by Beyonce! It's the handbag version which I thought was very handy! This was from my brother and sister-in-law. It came in a set of three different perfumes, all hand bag sized. It's become one of my most used because like Alex Curran it's such a fresh fragrance. It's quite flowery which is something I LOVE! 

I actually buy this one myself on a regualr basis, because it's one of the best body sprays i've ever come across. A very cute, 'girly' smell which my boyfriend loves me wearing! I currently need to get some more as this one is dying, but still in my top list!

Now, I love most Charlie sprays and have done since I was about 12! Most people I know don't really like this one as much as the others, but this is my fave, along with Charlie Black. This came in a set of 5 travel size cans which was one of my presents of my Boyfriends family. 

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