Monday, 16 January 2012

Now that Christmas is over, if you're like me, you have ALOT of birthdays/occasions coming up.

So I've collected a few ideas of what to get girls/women for the time being, otherwise this blog post will go on forever! I'll do a guys one and and a multi-gender one too, and seeing as I have a few young children possibly one for them, if you guys find these helpful or interesting, let me know! I'll also link to the places where you can buy these items.

These gifts are ideal for all types of girls/women and I love every single item on here (in case my boyfriend is reading!)

1) Elf Lipstick in shade - Seductive - £1.50 Get here - I've used these quite often before, and they're actually very good and have such a strong colour!
2) Soap and Glory Mother Pucker - Extreme Plump Lip gloss - £10 Get here - I've recently blogged about this product and if you know someone who wants fuller lips, this is the product to get! Although, in my opinion I do think it's slightly over priced!
3) MUA Extreme Felt Eyeline - Black - £2.00 Get here - I'd shout out from the rooftops about this brand, as I think it's affordable and is very good value for money. Because of the price, you could get a selection of items to give as gifts. I'll show you later on how I created an ELF/MUA make-up hamper.
4) ELF Mineral Foundation - Fair - £3.50 Get here - Once again, £3.50 is a very good price for a foundation! It's a powder so I often use it as a over coat, but still a very good gift idea.
5) Sparkling Gold Vodka - Pink and Original - £16.99 (pink) £14.44 (original) Get here - I have quite a few 18th coming up and this product looks elegant and unique! It's sophisticated and looks delish! Some may see it as pricey, but in honesty, this is cheap for vodka. I've never actually had it, so I don't know how it tastes, but I'm sure it's good! 
6) Jellybean scented Iphone cases - 5 Flavors - All £14.99 Get here - Looks yummy and a friend of my purchased one and now can not stop smelling her phone! Strong scent and comes in a flavor for everyone! Protects Iphone 4/4s.
7) Rimmel Lasting Foundation - Natural - £6.99 Get here - I love this foundation, it's affordable, and gives sheer cover and covers all blemishes. An ideal gift, just remember if you're going to buy foundation, you have to get the right shade, so for me it's ivory, the image is Natural I think...? 
8) Marc Jacobs - Daisy - £56.00 Get here - One of the slightly more pricey items, however, totally worth it. Described as 'Daisy is the essence of a youthful spirit: sunny, happy, free.' and it totally is! So if you want to treat someone special then this is the one to get!

9) Retro Games Sweets - pacman or supermario - £5.59 each Get here - Looks cute, and if like me you have friends who love retro/icon items like these, and it's not a bad price. A cute little gift that might even cheer someone up!

So those are my top gifts that i'm getting people this year and is giving me inspiration for other gifts aswell. Hope this helps you as well

Mucho Love - Rosella <3


  1. Ooh i've never seen sparkling vodka before! Thats interesting :) Might have to get some of that!



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