Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Blogger of the month - November!

Hi lovelies! 

Ever so sorry about being late with this, but most of you will know I've been super busy and stressed lately! So anyway, this months Blogger of the month is a lovely girl I know named Josie. I actually met Josie through our love of McFLY! We then didn't speak for ages, and then when I started up my blog, we got talking again (I have no idea if you remember this ;) ). So anyway, I adore Josie's blog, it's cute, original and unique! Something which is rare now a days! 

So go pop over and see Josie and maybe give her a cheeky follow, I know she'll really appreciate this!! 

So here's the link! JOSIE - LIVING IN A MOVIE SCENE
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Post who you think should be up for next month, even suggest yourself! :) 

Much love, Emily.


  1. ohh thank you lovely! so weird, i was actually wondering how on earth we met the other day! how random?! i feel awful about not having updated my blog in forever. will have to post a cheeky entry i think! thanks again, much appreciated! happy times! xoxo

    1. You're very welcome!! :) and aha yeah I was too and I was like I'm sure mcfly's involved somewhere :L xx


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