Monday, 4 March 2013

Spending Ban Update #4 & some good news!


So I'm now around 6-7 weeks into my spending ban, to be honest I've lost slight track but know it ends on the 14th of April, just in time for the London meet up! 

So seeing as I haven't updated you lot for a while, and I've been lacking in the blogging area, here's how I've been getting on. I did spend some money on beauty products for Valentines day, which I did say I was allowing myself. Since then, I've been out shopping numerous times and have only brought essentials, such as wipes, hand cream and cotton buds! Now, for me, I feel like I've come very far! Before I would just spend money because I had money, not anymore! I've started to think alot more about my purchashes! I have put away QUITE a bit of money now, and plan on putting this in my baby fund (read my bucket list) and my wedding fund! 

I'm not pregnant and I'm not engaged, but it's never to early to start saving and it's something that will happen in the future, just not right now! Learning how to save was something I really wanted to learn, and through this, I think I'm slowly getting it. I didn't even go into lush on Saturday   even though the smell was tempting! Big pat on the back for me! Lets hope I can keep this up!!

And now for my GOOD news! It feels like it's been a while since I've had any (sorry to be pessimistic  but I got an email today telling me I'd been selected for an interview at my local council for a job in the Child and Learning Support Center! I'm super excited and haven't told anyone about it apart from my parents and boyfriend, and obviously you! It's given me the boost I needed to sort my life out and put it into order, starting with my driving test. I keep putting this off and if I'm honest, I've been putting off because I just don't think I could deal with failing again. But hey ho, keep on climbing up. 

Anyway, here's to some further good news to come! Hope you're all well!

Lot's of Love, Emily xox


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