Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger!


So technically I can't really call myself a beauty blogger at present...actually a blogger at all! I've been so very poorly lately, and if you follow my twitter you'll know why! In short, I've been in hospital and have had to have an operation. I'll explain more in a later post! Anyway....

I got this idea from Becky at MilkBubbleTea and thought, well, this should be interesting! So here we go, 10 confessions! 

  1. I don't always remove my make-up at night! I get told off ALOT because of this, one of the biggest sins going apparently *oops!* 
  2. As much as I try, I never really drink a full 2 liters of water a day, not really a beauty thing, but my skin really does look better when I do! 
  3. I suck at moisturizing! I really need to learn more about skincare products. 
  4. I'm more of a high street brand girl and see MAC and Benifit ect as a treat! 
  5. It takes alot for me to actually go through with buying high end products. I'm self aware (?) when it comes to my money!  
  6. I'm easily tempted to buy products when I've seen a review. I just have to have it! *ahem Appocolips ahem!* 
  7. I've never ever ever fake tanned! 
  8. I get gel nails every now and again, always say never again because they ruin my nails...then go get them done again! 
  9. My hairdresser ruined my hair when I wanted to get slight highlights and she put in massive chunks of blonde...which then turned a funny colour! 
  10. The most I've ever spent on a make-up product is £24.99 and it was a YSL product! 
So there we go! 10 things! Hope you enjoyed, and don't forget to check out Becky's! I would love to see/read your confessions, so leave a link :) 

Lots of Love, Emily. xx

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